Email Marketing Experts “Official Email Marketing” Added New Opt-In Business Opportunity Email Lists

Official Email Marketing has announced the addition of their new Opt-In Business Opportunity bulk email lists, adding one more feature to their highly specialized global email marketing services. It will provide their users with a targeted database of the opportunity seekers market.

Dec 30, 2015 – With the advent of the internet, web marketing has become a highly effective manner of reaching out to the potential customers. From the many facets of web marketing, the bulk email marketing concept has emerged as an extremely impressive method of acquiring new clients and tracking the progress using specialized software. It provides the sellers with a huge number of options for reaching out to the local, national as well as International consumer and business markets. “Official Email Marketing” is one of the most highly rated Email Marketing Service providers, who have been providing extremely deliverable bulk email lists. Their services have provided impressive results for their many thousands of clients by availing them an access to a huge customer database regionally, nationally and internationally.

Providing another extremely effective option to choose amongst the different methods of Email marketing, the email marketing experts have announced the addition of new “Opt-In Business Opportunity bulk Email Lists” to their growing list of available database categories. This will assist their users to benefit from the need specific email lists and also provide an access to reach out for such buyers.

The company representatives, informing about this new addition to their vast database, said that the market can be segmented on various bases as per the requirements of the client.

“Clients have different needs and they try to reach out for the customers, nationally or internationally. We try to make sure that we can provide them with the Email lists of potential customers which can suit them in every manner and thus we have made this new addition”, they said.

Reportedly, the new opt-in business opportunity bulk email lists are the targeted lists of potential consumers falling in the business opportunity seekers category. “Business Opportunity is a category which provides the clients’ with the list of people who are looking specifically for the kind of service which our clients are offering”, company officials added. “This is a highly targeted database that will provide results for anyone looking to promote products or services into the opportunity seekers market. It pinpoints the targeted demography as per the clients’ requirements”, representatives told while mentioning the nature of the new list.

The company officials said that the lists have the leads which are quite recent. They said that their experts make sure that the list gets updated and filtered daily to provide the most meaningful data to their clients. The bulk email lists are told to be highly sought after and provide full records, including excel and .CSV format email addresses, first and last names, full address, city, state, Zip, phone number, website source collected, IP address and date and time.

Buying these email lists is easy and it is a onetime process. Company representatives stated, “The clients who wish to buy these lists will have to pay just once and they’ll own the list without being charged anything after their one-time purchase.

The lists containing USA Email data are completely verified and told to be more than 90 percent deliverable. “We use many advanced methods of email verification to ensure that the data we provide you and your company is the best quality data available anywhere in the world”, the company representative said while mentioning the newly added opt-in business opportunity seekers email lists.

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“” is a highly proven company which was established back in 2010 specifically for offering the Email Marketing services to the clients worldwide. “” has provided high quality services and various Email marketing options to their clients and became one of the most reliable firms in the Bulk Email Marketing industry. The company has been coming up with extremely deliverable bulk Email lists in different categories for its clients making it easier for them to reach out to a wide potential customer base and get most effective results. Within USA or internationally, the firm has assisted their clients hugely in providing them the well-targeted client lists to reach out for. Working successfully over the years, keeping positive relationships with their customers and retaining long-term clients successfully, today they have become one of the Premiere Online Companies for Email Marketing Services.

Always working to improve their services, the company’s recent announcement of the addition of opt-in Business Opportunity Email Lists is being seen as another step towards making their services better than others.

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