The First Offshore Banking Mobile App Made Easy and Customized for Its Users

Dec 30, 2015 – Harbor Financial Services (HFS) launches its Offshore Banking Mobile App, the first of its kind in the market. It is free and the relevant information are meant to fill every user’s search for knowledge about offshore banking.

The Offshore Banking App can be downloaded from the iTunes store at:

The new mobile app was created by HFS to make it easy for its users to understand all the important information and details behind offshore banking. While there had been various misconceptions as well as safety and security concerns, HFS explains everything that users and prospective clients need to know before they decide on opening an online international offshore bank.

While the new offshore banking mobile app proves to be very useful in terms of educating the users about the subject, its unique feature lies in its capability to create a customized offshore package that is meant for their client’s needs and budget. The app makes it very easy to know the various features of offshore banking that are relevant to  the user’s preferences. The user opts in to respond to a few simple multiple-choice questions and once all the information have been received, the offshore banking mobile app uses the answers to personalize the Complete Offshore Package to the user’s needs. The Complete Offshore Package shows the custom tailored package as well as the price. The app allows the user to save it for review at a later time. The user may purchase the package right away online or print it out if he prefers to purchase it offline.

There is no contact information needed to access the mobile app’s Offshore Planning Center, to save the customized package, or to do anything in the mobile app. Hence, the user’s identity remains private and building an offshore plan becomes simple and quick. However, users who have saved their offshore plan need a PIN number to retrieve it.

While the offshore banking and its mobile app are built by HFS, they are actually customized to their user’s needs. The mobile app contains the most essential knowledge about offshore banking: Swiss banking, private online banking, offshore corporations, and everything that a user needs to know when he opens an offshore bank account.

The mobile app is a complete package in itself with everything the user needs in just one place – an overview of what offshore banking is all about, knowledge of the user’s offshore banking needs, and a Complete Offshore Package that is designed solely for the user. The user learns from its educational content and its easy navigation makes it easy for the user to understand the details of offshore banking. The mobile app is currently available for both iPhone and iPad.

About HFS

Harbor Financial Services are experts in Swiss banking, offshore companies, IRAs, precious metals, offshore banking and investments.  They assist users from all over the world secure their assets by moving them to an offshore account. Their large connection of offshore companies is beneficial to the investment needs of their bank clients.

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