John Mautner’s Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Business and Engagement in 2016

Dec 30, 2015 – As the holiday season ramps up and 2015 winds down, business owners all across the country are reflecting on this past year, and on all the ways in which they can do better in 2016. Like everything in life, business is cyclic; but the real question is: Are we in the right cycle? Are we in a cycle of success?

John Mautner is the president and founder of the Cycle-of-Success Institute (COSi), an award-winning, 12-month business growth program for small businesses. The Institute was founded in 2001 to help business owners to quickly achieve their goals and dreams. He is one of the nation’s leading business coaches who has helped revitalize thousands of businesses who are struggling to grow from good to great – to increasing business revenues well into millions of dollars. He pulls from his past successes as a serial entrepreneur, a career which started from a single cinnamon almond roasting cart into one of America’s 500 fastest growing companies.

“I teach them a clear proven process,” Mautner says. “I coach them, I motivate them, I hold them accountable; I’m teaching them to fish.”

The companies that engage Mautner run the gamut from barely holding on and being on life support, to successful companies which want to reach the next level, and those that have plateaued in their growth.

Regardless of success level, business size or years in the industry, Mautner says he sees the same problems over and over again with his clients. In no particular order:

1. A lack of quality control

2. Poor communication

3. A lack of innovation

4. A lack of standard procedures

5. Not seeking employees’ opinions

6. Non-engaged employees

7. Owner or CEO trying to be Superman (i.e. a lack of delegation)

8. A lack of quality content

9. Poor time management

10. Waiting too long to make changes

Obviously, these problems start from the top. According to Mautner, change requires those in leadership positions to look within the company and talk to those who have been there the longest. “Nobody knows the company better than the people that have worked there for years and years,” Mautner says.

Engaging your employees “could be worth a fortune,” he explains. “They feel like ‘Wow, the owner cares about me and wants to know what I think.’ It makes people feel special and more engaged with what’s going on – they feel like part of the company.” Ultimately, Mautner says, “Engaged companies are much more profitable than non-engaged companies.”

John’s book, “The Profit Pattern,” will be released in early 2016. His book talks about this process – digging into the top 10 things that are killing most companies. He looked through his last 100 clients, and found 100 improvement areas that came out of each of them. That’s 10,000 problems from businesses all over the map – large and small; including construction, retail, service, manufacturing and distribution companies, family-owned businesses, restaurants, you name it. The interesting thing is that the top 10 most important things they can do to grow are practically all the same.

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