Airwheel X8 single wheel scooter helps digestion after Christmas Eve’s Feast

Without a doubt, people will envision the Christmas feast these days. Christmas cookies and Christmas cakes are the major Christmas recipes. Most of the people will yield to the temptation of delicious foods. Do not worry. Airwheel X8 single wheel scooter helps you to aid digestion after eating more than you need at Christmas Eve.

People are always happy to make Christmas foods by decorating them. The smell and the decorations of them heighten everyone’s appetite. This may leads to eat too much. At this moment, Airwheel X8 single wheel scooter takes you to go for a stroll for aiding digestion after a big dinner.

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Of course, moderate exercise is more suitable after eating too much delicious Christmas foods. Powered by electricity, X8 electric unicycle is the perfect vehicle. It won’t take too much strength to drive. Riders can control it by shifting center gravity. Fast or slow, it is all up to you. Children can ride X8 side by side; husbands and wives can drive hand in hand.

After riding a while, maybe you are not reluctant to leave those yummy foods. The “Globe First” 16-inch wheel hub installed in the tire minimizes rolling angle optimizes holding capacity, 3.8 times of general tires. Probably you are not willing to move because of overeating. Once you steer on it, you will fall in love to ride. The high-quality Cheng Shin Tire can be adapted to all kinds of road conditions. To be fair, X8 one wheeled electric hoverboard will definitely arouse your enthusiasm.

X8 one wheeled electric hoverboard

When you are feeling the excitement of Christmas by riding X8, the space attitude control principle, fuzzy algorithm and gyroscope system escort your safety. Just because of this, riders can control the vehicle rate-limiting protection, low-power protection, slant protection and voice cues during swaying back and forth. Mounted with 130Wh and 170Wh battery core and optimized by CPU power-saving design, X8 intelligent electric hoverboard delivers sufficient battery range.

Not only in holidays you can ride X8 help aid digestion, but in everyday life people can also ride it to keep fit step by step after eating too much.

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