Relax Yourselves in Christmas Holiday with Airwheel Z3 Self-balancing 2 Wheels Scooter

As the Christmas season draws closer, most of the people start thinking about vacations. Christmas is the time to get out of that mundane everyday life and spend quiet moments with all you dear ones. Relax yourself in Christmas holiday with Airwheel Z3 self-balancing 2 wheels scooter.

Christmas is such a perfect occasion to get closer to your loved ones and let them share time with you. There must be numerous destinations where you can go around Christmas. Let down your hair and lose yourself in the fun by riding a practical, safe and convenient vehicle, Airhweel Z3 self-balancing 2 wheels scooter.

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Inheriting Airwheel brand’s simple and exquisite design, Z3 electric motor comes out with the classic matching color orange, silver, grey and white, with long but slim body of 752mm×371mm×974mm.  The 140mm ground clearance from pedals will make users feel smooth by riding on the city road without any pressure. Besides, this electric scooter with only 11.8kg of its whole body can load 100 kg in maximum that owing to the body material of senior aviation aluminum. Light, solid and anti-corrosion are the important characters for this material’s big load capacity. All of the above reflect Z3’s exterior appearance and prove it is worth to have.

Speaking of Z3’s interior performance, we have to say it can be called perfect for people’s traveling. Battery performance must be a key point for a vehicle when people go out. Z3 2 wheels scooter adopts the imported Sony lithium core for the battery with the capacity of 162.8WH and the average maximum endurance of the battery is about 20km which refers to one set. More back-up batteries, more endurance capacity it will have. At the same time it only takes riders few seconds to change the battery.

intelligent electric scooter

Except its interior and exterior performances, let’s talk about its intelligence. Bluetooth device and the special riding APP can show clearly all data during riding. Fashionable and stylish, Z3 intelligent electric scooter satisfies all of you.

On the occasion of Christmas holiday, ride Airwheel Z3 to relax yourselves and enjoy your Christmas leisure time.

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