”My Teacher is AWESOME contest” Announced

My Teacher is Awesome Because…

U.S.A. – Jan 04, 2016 – Students share why “My teacher is Awesome” and win $250.00 in supplies for their class.

Teachers contribute so much to the lives of the students they influence. Every day teachers inspire their students and prepare them to do great things with their lives.

The caring words, nurturing, encouragement, and extra time and effort they give to a child can make a major difference in that child’s life path. 

Teachers often spend personal time and their own money to enrich their students in the classroom. They come up with creative ways to decorate the classroom and develop innovative craft projects to make learning fun and enrich their daily lessons.

BulkOfficeSupply.com appreciates all that teachers do to turn our children’s classrooms into an entertaining and rewarding learning environment. 

Every three months Bulkofficesupply.com recognizes a remarkable teacher by donating $250.00 in school and craft supplies to a class of a local school throughout the United States.

Help your teacher get construction paper, crayons, glue and other craft supplies for your school. Or get binders to display everyone’s work and reports as well as pens, Sharpies, notebooks and other classroom essentials.

To help your teacher and your class simply enter the “Why My Teacher is Awesome” contest by contacting www.bulkofficesupply.com or clicking on the following link http://www.bulkofficesupply.com/Custom.aspx?id=618d2c37-5f64-4bf4-af15-df126a03322a and share why your teacher is awesome and how they make learning and the classroom environment special.

If you have an awesome teacher in the U.S. who inspires your class, tell us why in 500 words or less. The program is open to all students, parents and teachers. Whether this a first grade, third grade or high school teacher, we encourage you to apply.

Your class could be the Winner of the January, March, August or November contest.

Thank you for giving your teacher the attention and the appreciation they deserve.

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