Buyback company answers the question ”Where is the best place to sell my phone?”

WILMINGTON, NC – Jan 04, 2016 – After attracting massive attention in 2015, cash-for-phones buyback company Recell Cellular has started the new year by announcing higher payouts than ever before. As the premier online destination for iPhone or Galaxy phone buyback services, this four year old business offers step by step guidelines to lead customers through their process quickly and easily.

Recell Cellular has quickly risen to the top of the industry, boasting an A+ rating according to the Better Business Bureau and also claiming the absolute highest return rate for used cellphones. The site offers instant quotes, shipping assistance, and prompt payment options. They make their services available to carriers of all kinds of phones in any quantity, giving the widest range of options on the market.

A company spokesperson for Recell Cellular offered her perspective on the recent success: “We knew we were on to something when I kept hearing ‘I want to sell my iPhone’ or ‘I want to sell my Galaxy phone’ again and again from different sources. People have been looking for a place to find the best value for their own phones, and we fill this need by continuing our commitment to offer the largest payouts in the cell phone buyback market. Our buyers work to ensure our prices raise the bar for the entire industry. 2016 promises to be another record year in payouts for our customers. Now, when people approach me and say ‘I want to sell my phone’, I know exactly where to point them.”

The company offers a detailed guide to its buyback system, rating phones anywhere between ‘perfect’ to ‘poor’ and offering different levels of payment based on the condition of the device. The information provided by the company states that 70% of phones fit into their ‘good’ category, which is second to the top and offers substantially high returns. They specify buyback deals for many models of iPhone and Galaxy phone, but also list T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular, and all other major phone providers as brands they accept.

Speaking to the question raised by many across the world – “where is the best place to sell my phone?” – Recell Cellular has found a market niche that continues to remain relevant to a large portion of cellphone users. As their reputation continues to grow as the ideal place to sell used phones, customers continue to flock to their website in search of quality service.

About Recell Cellular

Recell Cellular leads the mobile buyback industry, offering the highest payouts and most expedient services available. Instant pre-paid shipping labels, quick shipping and handling, and a range of payout options puts them at the head of the pack. Recently celebrating their fourth anniversary, Recell Cellular continues to meet the high expectations they have set for themselves, delivering the best deals to their customers on a regular basis.

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