Textbook Racism in U.S. Justice System

“Textbook racism is being practiced in U.S. Justice System,” says African-American inventor Dorothy M. Hartman, founder of ABFY Sellers Group Inc., and who claims to be the true inventor of the Internet. “No, Al Gore did not invent the Internet, my ideas invented the modern day Internet. I have been persecuted ever since for even daring to speak about it.”

In 2013  the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals affirmed the United States Patent and Trademark Office decision to deny Hartman a patent for the Accessing Accessibility Process, Application #11003123. This is the process which when reduced to practice comprises the Internet, alleges Hartman. That decision is found here: http://telecomstraighttalk.com/internet-inventors/. Technology has become wealthy because of producing gadgets which help one to access the Internet and Ecommerce has become wealthy – all because of the number of people that can be accommodated by the Internet of Hartman’s creation utilizing Cyberspace. The modern configuration of the Internet is not the same as the previous Internet (before 1990) based on a structure called the Arpanet. The Internet of today is used all around the world and worth trillions of dollars to populations around the world. It’s true inventor continues to suffer loss and racial discrimination as recently as August 31, 2015 alleges her home was confiscated.

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In 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the decision by the Court of Appeals to affirm the Patent Office decision. While rights regarding the Internet were being challenged by an African-American inventor – the smokescreens behind which all of this was happening were being presented to the masses as NET NEUTRALITY and FREE AND OPEN INTERNET. Hartman claims that it was all a ruse while behind the scenes and the hoopla –  an African-American rights to the Internet were being taken away by the highest courts in the land. “A patent application should have never been necessary. The internet came from my imagination so I always understood its scope. I never had any intention of ruling over it or even wanting to. That would be impossible as I am only a human being. I only wanted what I am entitled to and that is recognition and compensation. I was forced to file a patent application to try and protect my intellectual property rights because the government has continued to ignore my contributions and to practice intentional discrimination. I have not ruled out further legal action as whether patented or not, today’s Internet is at least in part my intellectual property. Since the government has essentially declared ‘Eminent Domain’ and essentially has claimed it as a ‘Public Utility’ then according to the 5th and the 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution I am owed compensation. The Court of Appeals did not consider my allegations of fraud and the exclusion of evidence by the U.S. Patent Office in its September 2012 decision,” says the inventor.

Meanwhile, her story continues to be suppressed by mainstream media and she has been subjected to various kinds of abuses since becoming public in 2004  with her claims regarding the Internet. The latest abuse in being subjected to what she alleges is the fraudulent taking of her house.  The Inventor alleges that it is an attack upon her by powerful people who have resented her speaking publicly about her 25 year struggle with the Federal Government regarding her alleged claims regarding the Internet and standing up for her property rights in general. The tide in the country is still against the advancement of colored people. On August 31, 2015 a judgment of $331,999.95 was entered against her in what she alleges is a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure of her home. She is appealing the judgment and fighting the same case in several courts which is probably unprecedented in the justice system designed for Whites, but too often becomes bizarre in its processes and circumstances when Blacks or African-Americans seek justice through the same Courts.  A perfect example of textbook racism in the courts is illustrated in this case.

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“The ugliness of racism and oppression and the way it is used to hold back the advancement of colored people needs to change. Black lives matter and that sentiment should be echoed in the Courts because  of the gunning down of black males in the streets and the school to prison pipelines for young people. That is horrific enough but the Justice System needs to change for the overall injustice suffered by Blacks in the Courts. Civil Rights Laws and the Constitution do not have the same meaning when applied to Blacks in the Justice System – period,” says Inventor.

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