Why a Man Cancelled His Order for a $145,000 Tesla S

Minneapolis, St. Paul, Eagan – Charles E. Crutchfield III recently ordered a Tesla Model S with every available option, including the Ludicrous power.  Not long after, he cancelled his order.  The question is:  “Why?”

As a married father of three, Crutchfield ordered what was going to be a family car. As is typical these days, the Crutchfield children are constantly connected to their electronic devices.  The Crutchfields discovered Tesla vehicles provide no Wi-Fi for passengers and, surprisingly, there are no 12 volt or USB power ports in the rear compartment. Despite the exceptional price tag, Dr. Crutchfield was advised to “just run wires from the back to the front to power devices in the rear seats.”  In addition to unruly, unsightly wires running through the interior, this “fix” takes away the opportunity for passengers in the front cabin to power up or charge devices.

Not to be overly picky, but the Crutchfields also discovered the car offers no backseat cup holders.  The car only comes with two cup holders in the front. As a family car, no back seat cup holders means kids’ drinks will easily end up spilling all over.

Most people would assume a consumer paying over six figures for a vehicle might also want the option of paint colors even if it results in a substantial additional charge.  No such luck.  The red color he wanted “is not available anymore.”  On the other hand, the folks at Tesla are doing their part to dispel the myth that people who pay a premium price are guaranteed premium customer service.  Crutchfield did enjoy working with the local Minneapolis Tesla professionals.  They were polite and very professional.

Most people cannot identify with a car with a sticker that approaches $150,000.00.  One would think for family consumers who do, the car would be one that fully fits a consumer’s needs.  Tesla, we do like and respect you very much.  We just need you to do better.

About Charles E. Crutchfield III:

Charles E. Crutchfield is a lifelong resident of Minnesota.  He is a car enthusiast with a history of owning many fine luxury automobiles. 

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