EnVus Motorsports Buys ThisLosAngeles.com

Bold Moves to Turn Luxury Car Rentals into an Affordable Experience for the General Public

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Jan 04, 2016 – EnVus Motorsports Inc., an exotic rental car company, has announced the buyout of ThisLosAngeles.com, another large rental company based out of southern California, on Monday October 19th, 2015. The purchase will allow enVus to penetrate the local market more by taking over their competitor’s former market share. The purchase is another part of a long process enVus is innovating to reduce the cost of exotic car rentals as part of their marketing strategy.

“Life is too short to pay a premium,” said the CEO of enVus Motorsports. “Why can’t people ride around in luxury?  The goal of our company is not to just let people window shop, looking and daydreaming about beautiful and luxurious cars, but to get them actually behind the wheel. We want them to experience the same thrill and passion that we have when it comes to creating peak life experiences that they will never forget. That is exactly what we intend to give them.”

Along with the purchase of ThisLosAngeles.com, enVus Motorsports has started increasing their fleet. This comes with the company moving into a new showroom in Orange County.

EnVus Motorsports is known for their Campagna Trex, a hybrid between motorcycle and sports car. The hybrid has three wheels; horsepower that reaches 200+ on a 1,000lb chassis and is can go upwards of 60 MPH in less than 3.5 seconds. Because of this unique car, enVus Motorsports stands as an important innovator within the exotic car rental market for both their technology and their philosophy of lowering the barrier to entry for people to experience these usually high end and high priced vehicles. While the Trex is a very intriguing design, enVus Motorsports also offers classic luxury cars such as BMWs, Ferraris and Lamborghinis.  

One way that EnVus customers can get such cheap deals on luxury cars is their delivery policy. Their policy allows delivery within 50 miles of any rental lot, minimizing both gas and amount of allotted miles used by customers.

At the end of the rental, enVus also arranges the pick up the vehicle that saves the customer both time and money, rather than forcing the customer to drive back to the lot with their luxury rental.

The low barrier to entry in terms of cost is part of a longer term marketing strategy by EnVus Motorsports to have a built in customer base to purchase luxury cars. In addition to their car rental business, enVus also will be selling their luxury vehicles. Using a marketing method of low cost rentals to bring general consumers in, will aid them in building trust with those clients. Likewise, when the general public rents from enVus, they will picture themselves driving in a luxury car as being more of a reality than they had thought possible before.

Between these innovative systems and the purchase of ThisLosAngeles.com. EnVus are setting themselves up to take on the luxury rental market in southern California with force.

To learn more, visit EnVus Motorsports new website http://envusmotors.com/

About enVus Motorsports

EnVus Motorsports is a luxury car rental company based out of southern California. Their mission is to provide world classy luxury transportation and elite concierge services to the general public, and make these services more affordable for the general public to experience. They have over 10 years of experience, and are famous for their customer service response time of within 24 hours of any request.

You can learn more about their options and history by going to http://envusmotors.com/reserve/

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