Trist – New Finder App Puts All Of NYC At Your Fingertips

Trist, a recently developed finder app for just about everything in New York City, is taking the town by storm.

Trist (, a recently developed finder app for just about everything in New York City, is taking the town by storm. The reason? Trist puts in-real-time information about restaurants, bars, clubs, events, sports, coffee shops and more on your smart phone, tablet, computer, or Mac with the touch of a button. While other finder apps might contain sketchy or old information, Trist gives you up-to-the-minute facts on any venue you choose to check.

Look at it this way: there are literally thousands-upon-thousands of restaurants, bars, and clubs in the Big Apple. If you’re like most people, you probably gravitate toward venues that you’re familiar with. Problem is, that can get to be boring! Same people, same fare, same-old-same-old. Let’s say you’re into Italian food and you’d love to find a new Italian restaurant near you. Simply put your criteria into Trist and voila! Up comes a listing of exactly what you’re looking for but with a twist. Trist not only gives you the name and location of the restaurants, but their menus, prices, specials, and even ratings, again in real time. Seriously, isn’t this what you’ve been looking for.

But restaurants are only one of the venues you can check out with Trist. How about bars, taverns and clubs? Say it’s Saturday night and you’re looking to maybe hook up, or just have a great night on the town. Trist will put you right in the middle of the action. Into jazz? Trist will show you the hottest jazz clubs, and what they’re featuring. Maybe a sports bar is more to your liking? Trist will give you a list, even telling you what specials they might be offering. And the next morning? Trist has listings of every coffee shop near you. So, from dusk to dawn, Trist has you covered.

And there’s more. On any given day the list of events happening in NYC is enough to boggle the mind. From art, to music, to exhibits, to sports, to theater, to festivals.

Looking for a place to spend a pleasant afternoon in July? Just check Trist. Maybe there’s a sculpture exhibit at a near by museum. Perhaps a concert in Central Park. Or maybe the circus is in town. If it’s happening in New York City, you’re going to find it on Trist. Just think of the opportunities that will open to you! Trist puts you square in the middle of the action. Your friends will think you’re a walking encyclopedia of fun things to do.

The whole point about Trist is that it let’s you get out of your boring rut, and allows you to discover new and exciting places to dine, have a night out, or just plain fun. And the best part? You can download this great app in just a few seconds. All you do is go to to download, and get in depth information about Trist, and how you can use it in your daily life. It’s a no brainer, so why don’t you go there and download it today!

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