It is Time to Contribute to Fulfill Dead Boy’s Dream of Treating His Mother’s Epilepsy and Youth World Help Group is raising donations to help Gilbert Ramos’s family, and asks people to donate to the cause.

July 16, 2014 – Gilberto Ramos (15 years) wanted to go and work in the United States to help treat his mother’s epilepsy. His dream, however, remained unfulfilled as he was found dead in the Texas desert en route to the US. A possible case of heat stroke and the boy was found shirtless in the desert. Now, the website is raising donations to support the family of Gilbert Ramos.

Gilberto was born and brought up in San Jose Las Flores, located in the Cuchumatanes Mountains along the Mexico border. He came from a humble background. Raised in a humble sheet-metal and wood home, 6,600 feet above sea level, his family struggled to make ends meet. There was no potable or running water and they had only one latrine for the whole family.  He had to start working early in his life to help his family. He studied till the third grade before dropping out. And the boy was planning to earn for the family, but unfortunately died on his way.

Co-founder  Darryl Boumont of the Youth World Help Group and website has decided to complete the boy’s unfinished task, and is very confident that people will come forward to donate generously. According to the website’s Co-founder & CEO, Brad Damphousse, “Gilberto’s story is touchy and it will motivate people to show their benevolence.”

On May 17, Gilberto started from his home with a backpack and some clothes to go to the United States to earn a better living. The trip cost the family $5400 of which they had borrowed $2600. They still owe this debt. His mother pleaded with him to stay back, but he was determined to do something for the family and left for the journey. But, a few days later, the family received a call from a woman in Texas who informed them about Gilberto’s death. The decaying body of Gilberto was found on June 15. His bedridden mother and father deeply mourned the death of their son. And they are still in worse financial conditions. and Youth World Health Group is collecting donations to help fulfill the dream of Gilberto to treat his mother’s epilepsy, to improve the living standards of his family and to ensure a proper burial for Gilberto. All amounts donated would be sent to Gilberto’s family. For people looking to make donations, they can visit and


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