DPSDave.com, LLC and Keyence Corporation Team Up For Dust Removal System Innovation

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Huge Improvements in Picture Quality is Expected as the partnership of DPSDave.com and Keyence Corporation is confirmed.

Philomath, OR – January 2016 – DPSDave.com, the premier site and leader in online photo scanning and slide scanning service, reaches another milestone when they partnered with Keyence Corporation to further improve their already top of the line and unparalleled digital photographic service with an innovative dust removal system to greatly improve picture quality.

DPSDave.com is widely known throughout the industry here in the United States as a provider of the highest quality work when it comes to scanning digital photos and slides including photo restoration services. The machines that are used by DPSDave.com do virtually no damage to any photos whereas competitors would use machines that frequently damage and destroy customer’s photos.

At present, it is very common for digital photo specialists to encounter dust problems, which are more often than not a current and integral part of post processing routines for digital photos. Keyence has developed an innovative solution with DPSDave.com, hence this problem will quickly become a thing of the past.

The partnership with Keyence Corporation happened by chance when an engineer for DPSDave.com was overheard discussing about dust removal problems he was experiencing while in a local coffee shop. It was when a helpful patron suggested looking into Keyence, who specializes in eliminating dust in cleaning rooms where microprocessors are manufactured.

The engineer then informed David Orr, the president of DPSDave.com, who as an expert in the industry immediately recognized the improvement in photo quality that a dust removal system would mean for their customer’s digital pictures. He said, “Here at DPSDave.com, we continue to work to solve the problems that affect digitizing images.” He further explained, “This new method in removing dust is unique for our slide scanning process; one of many innovations we use to produce high-quality products at an unbelievably low price. This new breakthrough further separates our product from the competition.”

After slide scanning, digital images are prone to show black spots which is largely due to dust particles. Alleviating this through brushing or blowing the dust off on a slide is ineffective because it is caused by static electricity. Together with Keyence, DPSDave.com experienced a major breakthrough in their dust removal system. The technology from Keyence lets DPSDave.com find out the charge of static electricity present on every slide and create the appropriate type ions needed for dust removal without altering the image.

The Keyence SJ-M high performance compact static eliminator system has been integrated into the automatic slide-scanning equipment at DPSDave.com. Since the implementation of this new technology, Orr says that his company’s slides are now virtually dust-free. In approximately 1.5 seconds, scanners at DPSDave.com are able to produce crystal-clear images with absolutely no trace of dust.

Staggering results have been achieved when Orr set out to test slide scanning of an untreated slide for the purpose of finding out how much this new method affects the quality of pictures. He blew it up on a large monitor to count the remaining specs of dust then applied Keyence’s technology for a highly effective dust removal procedure. The untreated slide came out with 300 specs of dust, while the slide with dust removal treatment merely had 3 single specs.

This experiment has thus proven that the dust removal technology from Keyence now allows DPSDave.com produce images that are 100 times higher in quality than previously. In addition, Orr stated that he is excited for the overall quality enhancement that the new dust removal technology at DPSDave.com will serve his customers. He acknowledges the hard work that was invested by Keyence Corporation and he is grateful for making all of this possible.

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