New York Health Foods Company Expands Website

Wellbee’s already booming website adds discussion forum

Spring Valley, NY – Today, Wellbee’s, a Spring Valley, New York health foods company that specializes in providing healthy, nutritious foods, recipes, and accessories for the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD), will expand their already comprehensive web store. The company not only offers deliciously healthy gluten-free foods like nut flours, coconut products and snacks, it also offers accessories for cooking, baking and even yogurt making. Founded on the principle of helping people live happier, healthier lives through the food that they eat, Wellbee’s has been the New York Area’s one-stop shop for all things SCD related since its inception. The addition of a forum,, for discussion will only make it better.

People who are living with certain gastrointestinal conditions such as Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis suffer from inflammation in their bowels that causes great discomfort. The SCD diet was formed to help limit the intake of complex carbohydrates that irritate the system and instead substitute healthy, natural, and gluten-free foods that not only prevent symptoms but also promote healing of the intestines. It isn’t just for those with bowel diseases, though. Since it is so healthy in general, the diet is great for anyone who wants to have more energy, look better, and feel better. Wellbee’s has everything you need ready to ship out on demand. From food to kitchen accessories and everything in between.

Of the addition of a forum to the website, the company had this to say: “Wellbee’s realizes that every person’s experience with their condition is going to be widely different, and despite medical research there is still a lot that we don’t know about each one. Not only will our forum give our customers a chance to discuss their condition with each other and find the best products to help them, it will also help new people, sick or not, find the best products to help them reach their goals. Whether that is relief from bowel disorder or simply being healthier, Wellbee’s wants to help in any way we can.”

Look for the addition soon and utilize it to help find all of the latest and greatest information and SCD-related food and products. Again, it is

About Wellbee’s:

Wellbee’s is an SCD diet superstore that specializes in providing healthy foods, accessories and great information for both people suffering from gastrointestinal conditions and people who want to eat healthier. We source the best SCD ingredients and supplies, in addition to producing our own line of baked goods that are chock full of taste, quality and nutrition. With us doing the work for you, being on a healthy diet has never been this easy. Years of experience, have taught us, if you stick to a healthy diet you will enjoy the best feeling you can imagine. You don’t need to be on the SCD diet to enjoy our fare! Enjoyed by non-restricted children and adults alike, our delicious foods give the body nutrition, taste and health. Our products are also suitable for the gluten-free diet, paleo, low carb, and many other diet plans.


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