Tiny Leaf Announces New Year Discount On Baby Mirror For Car Seat

1/6/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Tiny Leaf, a parent based company announces the unbeatable discount of the year on its product, Baby Mirror for car seat that brings comfort to parents when driving. The price of Baby Mirror for car seat is moving from a modest price of $29.90 to a matchless price of $14.90. 

Baby Back Seat Mirror, for those who have not heard of it is the best product that can be found online, invented by Tiny Leaf in a bid to solve the hardship of good parents that are concerned about children’s welfare when behind the staring.  

The Baby Mirror for car seat from Tiny Leaf is safe, durable and guarantees clearest view with vivid colors. This is what Jenne, a mother who has used the Baby Mirror for car seat has to say about it “The Tiny Leaf Baby Mirror for Car seat is really great. Since my baby is rear facing it will be really nice to be able to see her from the front seat through my rear view mirror now. It will help with keeping her entertained on long car rides. This product packaging is a tough cardboard box that protects the mirror nicely during shipment. The instructions are very in-depth in explaining all the ways this product can be used. It is made out of shatter proof material and I tested that out by dropping it on the ground. I drop things a lot so this was something important to me. The hooks that are attached to the bottom of the mirror are very convenient to hang things on for the baby to play with as well as hanging maybe extra pacifiers on just in case. I highly recommend this product.”

A good and caring parent will respond positively to the CEO of Tiny Leaf, Marek Brezina’s question when he asked “How much is the life of your baby worth to you?” and take advantage of the discount on Baby Mirror for car seat.

About us: 

At Tiny Leaf, we are parent based company. We ourselves did not find products that we needed and there was always something that could be done better. That is why we decided to use our parenting experiences to bring the best possible products for parents to use them and raise their children. 

We are not only a company that sells baby mirrors with best value for price. We are providing also parent advices on our Facebook. We are here for you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Get more information at www.tinyleafweb.com or http://www.amazon.com/Tiny-Leaf-Mirror-Shatterproof-Ajdustable/dp/B017DQ3SWK

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