Airwheel good quality air board M3 Beats Winter Blues

It may sound crazy to leave the warmth of the gym to brave the coldness this winter, but there are compelling reasons to embrace the chill. Here’s why adding an outdoor workout, like commuting with an Airwheel electric skateboard M3 as a daily routine will do the body good.

Winter cold makes people feel reluctant to move or work out. But the inanimate status only keeps them in low spirits. Less exercise will generate less heat and burn less calory. It is not healthy at all to stay in this state. Luckily, this winter Airwheel electric skateboard M3 helps people to embrace the chill in the coolest fashion.

wireless remote control skateboard M3

People who ride Airwheel motorized skateboard will burn slightly more calories than those who take buses or drive cars. The vehicle can be operated by a wireless remote control, but it requires body movement to make a turning. Riding the vehicle to commute or work out will generate more heat than staying still. Faster pace equals more calories burned, as riders have to keep balance. Working in gyms is no longer considered safe now. Researchers found high levels of formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, and dust particulates in gyms, especially during aerobic exercise classes. Air quality is very important, since workout is usually when people breathe the deepest. In comparison, riding Airwheel M3 seems a good alternative. It is not a strenuous exercise which causes too much burden to the body and it carries people to breathe the freshest air in daily commuting.

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Many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder. The gloomy winter days are the culprit. They need something which rouses their passion in life. How about Airwheel electric skateboard M3? Riding the cool vehicle on the streets generates head-turning effects. The pedestrians will definitely give a second glance and help riders to build up confidence. Daily riding can even help to relieve anxiety and discharge working pressure. It is time to wave goodbye to the gloomy days and recreate passion.

From Jan 6th to Jan 9th, 2016, Airwheel Technology will attend the CES show in Las Vegas in USA. Customers are welcome to test the wireless remote control skateboard M3 in Booth 48001 & 48003 in the Hilton Hall. If there’s any misgiving about the product, why not come and have a try?

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