Abellna launches “Mental Math Unleash The Power” eBook to boost mental math skills

The newly launched “Mental Math Unleash The Power” eBook by Abellna will boost the math and calculating the power of the user mentally. With the help of the book, both adults and children will be able to learn mental math skills and perform simple to complex mathematical challenges such as calculating the cost of movie tickets, grocery bill, restaurant bill and many other everyday challenges that include math.

The book claims to provide all the skills and techniques through which the user will be able to perform these calculations without using a calculator. The book has been developed by two expert mathematicians for making mathematics simpler and more interesting for the people all over the world. The user can learn to do simpler as well as complex calculations covering all the major mathematical topics such as division, fractions, square roots cube roots, complex multiplications, algebra and many more.

The unique and innovative techniques are guaranteed by the authors to boost the mental math power of the user. The book includes hundreds of examples so that the user can understand the concept fully along with several exercises with answers so that the user can practice and master the concept. The user does not need to have any special math skill to understand the concepts of the book as it is designed in a simplistic manner to be used by everyone. With the step by step and colored illustrations, the chapters become more interesting for the user to read and understand.

When asked about the importance and significance of mental math these days, since everyone can use calculators anytime, the creators explained that mental math not only helps in calculations but also helps in stimulating the brain. Learning, understanding and practicing mental math, boosts brain power and helps the user in increasing their concentration. It also helps in improving memory and logical thinking.

For smaller numbers, the user can process the calculations faster than a calculator using mental math. The book is highly useful for children who face difficulty in understanding math and have lack of interest in it. The book provides them a strong base and enhances their mathematical skills which stay with them for a lifetime. A sharp mind and logical thinking also helps in boosting confidence among the user.

Along with the 1500+ pages mental math eBook, Abellna is also providing freebies of worth $199 to the user.

This includes both a mini local website and 100 videos: the website is for accessing the 100 instructional videos with animations of more than 9+ hours in length.

More information about the eBook is available at http://abellna.com where users can also view demo videos of the mental math eBook.

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