The Eye-catching Products in CES 2016 – Airwheel good quality electric skateboards

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas. As the most popular products recently, Airwheel intelligent scooters will also be displayed in CES 2016 and be the eye-catching products there.

As the intelligent technologies and digital products become the most attracting products in people daily life, CES has also been the ceremony for people around the world who enjoy a lot from intelligent devices. Airwheel intelligent scooters have also been the popular toys and helpful vehicles among people in recent years. This time Airwheel with its electric scooters will take part in the CES 2016 and become the eye-catching products there.

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The most popular products today must be the intelligent devices which have changed people’s life greatly. Almost all people have smart phones which have changed people’s ways of communication. TVs with intelligent operating system have changed people’s ways of entertainment at home. Smart watches have been people’s helpful companions in supervising the health conditions or finishing works. CES is a ceremony for right all these intelligent and digital products. CES is not only a show for demonstrating how prosperous the intelligent technologies are among modern people, but also tells people which will be the next prosperity point for intelligent technologies.

City travels must be the next project where creative enterprises will compete with each other because city travels are the new points where people concern a lot. As the revolutionary products in city travels, Airwheel intelligent scooters have become the new favorite and helpful products among modern citizens because of their great performances and convenience. And the differential needs of different user groups are also considered by Airwheel in designing and producing products.

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Airwheel Q series electric unicycles are the first products series in Airwheel family. After that, Airwheel also introduced many product series for different user groups like A series sitting-posture intelligent scooters and M series electric skateboards. Recently, Airwheel has successfully introduced its M3 electric skateboards, Z3 electric intelligent scooters and S6 sitting-posture scooters to consumers. This time, Airwheel will bring its classic models to CES 2016 and introduce the future directions of intelligent products.

Welcome to the CES and experience Airwheel intelligent scooters.

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