Graphics Design School Website Offers Online Tutorials For Beginning and Experienced Graphics Designers

January 6, 2016 – The Online Graphic Design School, a rich training and skill development resource for both new and experienced graphics designers alike, is pleased to announce its free tutorials to help graphics designer’s hone their talent, learn new skills, and gain experience with the various development programs in the Adobe software suite.

Now graphics designers have an online resource that offers a wealth of information and training at their fingertips in how to use the Adobe software suite.  The website is easy to navigate and filled with useful tutorials, design tips and other resources.  Graphics designers of any skill level will find helpful information and can expand their repertoire at the Online Graphic Design School.

Each educational and informational tutorial provides a summary of the project to be completed and a detailed set of easy-to-follow instructions to achieve the desired results.  Each step of the creative process is thoroughly explained in great detail.  

The Online Graphics Design School offers free tutorials and training in the following areas:

  • General graphic design
  • Using Adobe Illustrator
  • Online graphic design
  • Using Adobe Photoshop 

The design school’s free tutorials provide detailed step-by-step instructions covering a variety of useful techniques across various Adobe graphics design programs. New designers will learn how to use many of the features in different design software packages and expand their skills and knowledge.  Experienced designers will acquire new tricks and tips to further hone their craft and are able to use the tutorials to polish their skills. 

The company’s educational tutorials include completing projects from start to finish including using Adobe InDesign to create a marketing brochure in only eleven steps, using Adobe Illustrators’ design image trace features, creating realistic images of an everyday object, and designing a comic style image among other interesting projects.  All of these tutorials and more are directly applicable to many common graphics design projects.

Offering in-depth training in Adobe Photoshop, one of the most widely used graphics design software package, free tutorials are available to teach people how to use Photoshop’s weather effects to create beautiful outdoor scenes, touch up photographs and other images with the spot healing brush, increase image sharpness and vibrancy, create colorful magnetic letters, and develop an intuitive navigation interface for a website.

All of the information at the website is made available at no cost for educational and general information purposes only. 

For more information about the Online Graphic Design School or to take one of its free graphics design tutorials, please visit its website at: 

About Online Graphic Design School

The Online Graphic Design School is an established online graphical design educational institution committed to providing free tutorials plus other training and skill development resources for new and experienced graphics designers.  The company provides online training resources for graphics design professionals across all fields.

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