Licor Zone SA de CV to distribute The Best Spirit Company whisky portfolio in Mexico

Jan 06, 2016 – Licor Zone SA de CV is upping its presence in spirits with entry into the Mexican whisky category, agreeing to become the exclusive Mexican distributor for the portfolio of The Best Spirit Company, effective January 1. Licor Zone® will handle The Best Spirit Company’s Williamson 18 blended whisky,  Paddington cinnamon whisky and Imperial Famous honey whisky, which The Best Spirit Company has previously self-produced in Mexico. The flavored whiskies retails from $10 upwards, while the blends are priced at $6 and above.

The Best Spirit Company was acquired by the Worldwide Liquors Logistic last year for about $120 million. Licor Zone® who is The Best Spirit Company’s global distributor in Latin America, approached WLL about distributing The Best Spirit Company whiskies in Mexico earlier this year. The Best Spirit Company has historically been a major private-label whisky producer in Mexico, offering ample capacity for Licor Zone® to potentially target the Mexican market with new brand propositions in the whisky space down the road and in its liquor stores.

Williamson 18, Paddington and Imperial Famous, which are produced in Mexico, are available in 700ml, 750ml and 1,000ml glass bottles as well as in 355ml aluminum cans.

The Best Spirit Company’s distillery has a capacity to produce 200,000 cases of bottled whisky, vodka, rum and brandy a year, adding that it expects this amount to increase to 500,000 cases of glass bottles whisky and 1 million cases of aluminum whisky in cans by the end of 2020.

Licor Zone® offers also a full collection of generic liquors sold directly from the factory to consumers via independent stores or affiliate stores.

This vertical concentration allows Licor Zone® to pass on the savings to consumers and to sell their liquors without intermediaries in Latin America, Asia and Europe. Licor Zone® will sell what they produce in Mexico to their own stores and affiliates directly.  The company is not a franchise; they lease the Licor Zone® trademark at no cost to their affiliates when the associates purchase all of their liquor from Licor Zone® or own a store fully managed by Licor Zone®.

Licor Zone® has a unique business model that allows the company to expand worldwide, offering budget price liquors sold directly in their stores in order to pass on the savings to consumers. With a 450,000 square foot bottling plant in Arandas, Jalisco in Mexico, Licor Zone® aims to rise to the world’s largest budget price producer of liquors such as whisky, rum, vodka, brandy and tequila.

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