Massager Company Announces Breakthrough on Pain Relief without Drugs

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jan 07, 2016 – In December 2015, Purely Triton, the American distributor of a highly popular personal massager for women, teamed up with a leading medical scientist to study the effect of vibration on pain reduction.

Dr. Fadel Zeidan, assistant professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy from the Wake Forest School of Medicine, was asked by the company president, Susan Price, to investigate whether continuous low vibration emitted from the vocal chords would have a soothing effect on physical pain. The study was jointly funded by the company and the medical institution.

75 undergraduate students from various faculties of the school signed up to volunteer. For 4 days, these subjects were given painful heat treatments using a 120-degree thermal probe that were hot enough to be painful but not too hot that it burned the skin. As these heat treatments were being given, the subjects’ brains were being scanned by an MRI. The subjects were divided into 4 groups: the first group was the control group; the second group received a placebo pain cream; the third group received a faux mindfulness practice; and the fourth group were taught to gently hum a continous rhythm.

The technique practiced by the 4th group involved humming for 20 minutes for four days. The session simply consisted of sitting down with the eyes shut, focusing on soothing music being played barely audibly and humming in sync with the music.

When the experiment concluded, Dr. Zeidan analyzed the MRI results with the help of graduate students working in his faculty, simultaneously, collecting written feedback from each participant about their perceived sensations during and after the entire process. 

In all, the fourth group reported of 27% reduction in physical pain, and a 44% in emotional pain, while the subjects who were given the placebo pain cream had a pain reduction of 11% and a 13% reduction in emotional pain, and the group who practiced a fake meditation technique had a physical pain reduction of 9% and a 24% reduction in emotional pain.

What astounded Dr. Zeidan was the similarity of MRI patterns between the participants of the 4th group and patients who were given opioid morphine as pain killers after major operations. He writes in an email letter to Ms. Price uploaded to the corporate site: “I am very pleased to inform you that your hypothesis about the positive effects of gentle vibrations on the human mind and body has been strengthened by our recent study. Although it was only for a period of 4 days involving a small sample of participants, the MRT charts show that there is a clear effect on the brain similar to that of morphine but without any of the side effects.”

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