Rockstar Marketing Breaks the Internet!

Did the guys at Rockstar Marketing just break the internet?  No, but they did just get over 100 Million views on a single Facebook Fansite in less than a month.  How did they do it you ask?  Just a little know how!

The firm handles internet marketing for Athletes, Celebrities, Entertainers and National Brands. Over the years, they have made video after video go viral and here’s the kicker, they do it without spending a dime, yep, nada, nothing, zilch.  Clients have to love this, huh?

As Facebook has become the most popular website ever, Millions of people spending hours and hours each and every day, and as a result businesses know this and it has become a massive lead generating tool.

“In truth, Facebook marketing has become one of the foremost ways that business owners promote their businesses, Period! Some businesses are spending 100% of their advertising budget on Facebook advertising.  So what is the secret to making videos go viral… Strong Content and cool little techniques,” says Bryan Scott, Owner of Rockstar Marketing.

“When combining a Great video, advanced social media techniques with search engine optimization, we have been able to organically reach over 59 million people on a single Facebook post,” said Scott.

“I think we steer different internet marketing trends, we’re pretty tip of the spear,” says Scott, who is also retired from Air Force Special Operations. “Being on the forefront of internet marketing, there are a lot of people watching to see what we do and how we do it, We are constantly working to better our team, figuring out new ways to pull traffic, leads, build a fan base and reach the most amount of people for the least amount of money for our clients.”

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