Algorithmic trading firm, Leman Capital Management, sets record for profit in 2015, outperforming 99% of quantitative hedge fund firms for the third year in a row

European investment consortium, Leman Corporation, finished 2015 almost 60 percent in profit. This was the third year out of the past five that the company’s total return has increased considerably compared to the previous period.

Part of the consortium, algorithmic currency trading firm Leman Capital Management, sets record for profit, outpacing 99% of quantitative asset management firms for the third year in a row.

“We finished 2015 in a very strong financial position, and we carry good momentum as we step into 2016. Quantitative strategies will remain a central focus of the firm’s efforts during the year,” said Daniel Leman, Managing Director of Leman Corporation. “In the world of finance, tomorrow begins today. If you ignore this principle you are heading for disaster. That is why it has always been our primary goal to design quantitative trading systems capable of predicting future market trends to exploit tomorrow’s financial opportunities and successfully capitalize on them.”

Leman aims to further invest in technological advancements that improve the capability and performance of the firm, including risk management systems, proprietary modeling and trading software, stream computing and data management platforms.

“Technology is in the DNA of the firm,” said Robert Bourke, one of the key creative minds at Leman Capital, who joined the firm in 2012 as Head of Technology.

“We apply mathematical and statistical methods to identify fundamental principles of market behavior and process massive amounts of unstructured financial data to reveal structures of patterns and trends. To bridge the gap between theory and practice, Leman Corporation successfully employs technologies of machine learning and predictive modeling and designs advanced computer-based models to effectively utilize quantitative information and generate risk-adjusted returns across various market conditions.”

“The investment performance in 2015 was the strongest relative to our performance results in the previous years,” said Nicole Leman, Director of Business Development. “Since inception, our unique investment approach has been delivering consistent low-risk outperformance among the market leaders, and Leman Capital continues to produce consistently strong returns driven by improving our solid technology platform year by year.”

Leman Capital has richly rewarded investors in 2015, delivering non-compounded cumulative return of 62.7 percent combined with organic AUM growth of 37%, representing another year of strong absolute investment performance following the 52.1% gain in 2014.

The firm has outperformed most quant hedge funds available to retail investors, topping the list of most promising alternative investment managers for 2016.

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