The Global Gamified Dating APP Meach Contribute To Date Better For Southeast-Asians In 2016

If you have been single in the last few years, chances are you have been on Meach. Meach, as a global fresh gamified dating app, works in more than 20 countries and is among the top lifestyle app in more than 5 countries. Especially it is not strange for Southeast-Asians, like Malaysian and Singapores.

As a startup, the company announced premium feature Guardian that allows users’ social dating easier. It is a unqiue feather which other top Global dating APPs do not have, like Tinder and Badoo. User can just click the button Guard her below the avatar of his Venus which he think is the most attractive person in his life and then can become to be the Guardian. Once a man is successed to be the guardian, he will have many privilege. For instance, his avatar can show on his Venus’ profile to get a closer relationship.

In 2016, Meach will explore more games between the genders to help users date better and have more interaction. It can break the ice quickly to avoid some embarrassment when chat.

“We have exciting plans for Meach in 2016 and continue to make Southeast Asia one of our core markets. My team’s passion for Meach and understanding of the Southeast-Asia market makes us even more confident in our plans to expand in Southeast Asia,” Meach CEO Congwei Chou said.

Being a young brand, it is not easy to compete with some social networking like Tinder and Bodoo. But Meach CEO Congwei Chou thinks it is both exciting and challenging. Tinder and Badoo are already the market leader here without significant focussed efforts in the past, but he suggests the future potential of Meach is astounding.

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More and more young people today relies on the Dating Chat when it comes to knowing each other and to lay the foundation of a strong relationship. They want to find their other half, and even if that person is your other half for one night only, wouldn’t it be nice to spend it with a decent person and not a total douche? Meach has proved really remarkable, helping boys and girls to search their best companion or dating partner better in an effective and hassle-free manner.

As a startup, Meach has a long way to directly compete with Tinder. But we can make sure it is expected to remain strong in new year 2016. Let’s look forward to Meach’s development.

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