Top Technological Highlights of Airwheel Intelligent personal transportation electric skateboards in CES

A few days later, the world-renowned CES will be held in Las Vegas and more than 3000 electronic manufacturers will take part in this show. Airwheel, the outstanding intelligent self-balancing electric scooter manufacturer, absolutely won’t miss this perfect chance to publish its scooters’ information, exhibit high technology and encourage low-carbon and green travel.

CES is the world-renowned exhibition for electronic products and more than 3000 electronic manufacturers will attend this show. CES of 2016 will happen on January 6th to 9th. Airwheel, as the most reputed intelligent self-balancing electric scooter manufacturer, will take part in this show. However, what technological advantages do Airwheel electric scooters have? After all, CES is full of various high-tech and cutting-edge electronic technologies. Then, the following is going to share the top technological highlights of Airhweel.

Low-carbon and green travel is always encouraged by Airwheel. As economic level is increasing with each passing day, automobiles are widely applied to people’s life, which causes a huge quantity of exhausts and thus bad environmental quality. Therefore, choosing low-carbon and green travel mode plays a key role in improving living environment and Airwheel electric hoverboards is the best choice. All Airwheel scooters are powered by emission-free electricity, so they are environmental-friendly. 

Energy-saving is another technological breakthrough of Airwheel R&D team. It is well-known that world energy is tensing and gasoline price is continuously climbing. Energy-efficient products are eagerly needed. Compared with common transports, like private car, bicycle, motorcycle or electric motor, Airwheel electric scooter is the most energy-saving one. Generally speaking, the electricity consumption varies with the lithium-ion battery capacities. However, even Airwheel S5 with 680Wh battery that is the biggest one only consumes 2Kwh per 100km.

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Wide application is also an outstanding technological highlight. Many people would like to select Airwheel electric scooter as the commuting transport, which can effectively avoid traffic jam and save people lots of valuable time. Besides, it also can be a tool for people to have a weekend trip, which offers them a light travelling and relaxes them. There are also many people who use Airwheel scooters as exercise equipment. Comparatively speaking, Airwheel electric unicycle is the excellent equipment for exercise. 

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