Where Is the End of these Unexpected Explosions? Intelligent electric hoverboard Industry Needs Standards and Leaders

Recently some accidents happened for some hoverboards without necessary qualifications or product certifications. Hence, the electric vehicle industry needs the standards for developing products and the leaders who lead the whole industry to a more standardized one.

Now, electric vehicles have become the new favorite toys among families. And many parents have bought their children the electric vehicles like electric hoverboards for fun. But popularity doesn’t merely mean fun for the families. Sometimes they may also mean unforeseeable dangers. Some terrible news, which comes from the U.S., U.K. and H.K, have warned people that the electric scooter industry is desperate for the product standards and the leaders who lead the whole industry to a more reasonable and standardized one.


Some recent terrible news coming from many places around the world tells people what dangers the hoverboards without product qualifications and certifications may bring to people. In Lafitte, Louisiana, Jessica bought his 12-year old son the hoverboard which he had longed for months before the Thanksgiving Day. When the battery of the hoverboard ran out and was being recharged, some sudden sparks came out from the power bank of the vehicle accompanied by some unusual sound inside the vehicle body. Then the power bank of the vehicle exploded and the house was set on fire. Similar tragedies were also reported in U.K. and H.K. The popular toys suddenly are changed into the products with great potential dangers.


These terrible news warns people that why people can’t prevent these tragedies from happening when these unqualified products entered the industry. Though these producers are able to provide consumers with UN38.3, L1642, and UL60950-1 for certifying the battery and the chargers, these accidents tells people that the certifications need for similar products are far from being enough. And the producers need leaders who will lead the whole industry to a more reasonable and standardized one rather than be driven by the desire for profits. Fortunately, there are still some producers which have obtained all the necessary qualifications and certifications like Segway, Solowheel, and Airwheel. These enterprises also have developed hundreds of patents for guaranteeing the quality of their products. With these industry leaders, we can expect a foreseeable more promising future of the electric scooter industry.

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