Orange County Bubble Soccer Players To Experience All-New Exciting Games

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KnockerBall Orange County gears up for 2016 Bubble Soccer Tournaments and Games

Orange County – January 2016 – KnockerBall Orange County kicks off bubble soccer season for players with the introduction of new and fun KnockerBall games. These games include the popular Knocker Soccer and Knocker Bowling with additional ones such as Ultimate Spin-Off, Sharks and Guppies, Knock the King, Knocker King of the Ring, Battle Royal, Front Roll Knocker Race, Last Knocker Alive, and Knocker Headstand.  You can rent knockerball and bubble soccer suits for all types of events.

Like all bubble soccer or KnockerBall games, KnockerBall Orange County has set rules that all players must abide to ensure safety and uninterrupted play when you are renting the balls. General rules for these KnockerBall games include no jumping on the Knockerball, no hitting anyone who is not inside of a KnockerBall or hitting any player who is in a KnockerBall if you are not, no hitting a player who is on the ground or has been “knocked over”, keeping hands always on the handles so they don’t hit you in the face, no wearing of jewelry of any kind while inside the ball with pockets that are completely empty, no alcohol or drug use before or during a KnockerBall event, and no players are allowed if they currently have any type of injury especially in the upper body like head, shoulder or neck issues/injuries or are not healthy enough for strenuous physical activity.  The rules also state that players are not to do any intentional actions that can cause injury to one’s self, to another, or does damage to the Knockerball.

Rich Paulin, the founder of KnockerBall Orange County, stated, “We have set consequences for rule infractions to encourage players to become responsible ‘Knockerballers’.” According to him, these consequences typically mean giving a yellow card during the first infraction while a red card is to be given for the second one. As soon as a player receives a third infraction, he or she will be out of the game.  This normally doesn’t happen when people rent the balls for fun.

Bubble soccer with KnockerBall Orange County rentals is indeed all you need to have the most fun you will ever have. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you can certainly have a good time playing KnockerBall games in Orange County.

“It is great for any occasion,” added Rich. He also said, “Since we started offering bubble soccer games in Orange County, there has been a lot of requests for more types of games. So now we are offering players a lot of choices for their engagement and wedding parties, birthday parties, outdoor or holiday get-togethers, fairs and festivals. Many fraternities and sororities, fundraisers, youth camps and church groups have contacted us for events.” Furthermore, Rich stated, “KnockerBall Orange County is all set to have you rolling around with laughter, quite literally, for any school and corporate function, community events, team building exercises, and team banquets or parties in 2016.”

KnockerBall Orange County is revolutionizing what fun games are all about with their brand-new bubble soccer games as players get to perform stunts that can be done and which are absolutely enjoyable and completely safe. Bubble soccer in Orange County truly is an engaging sport that is incredibly fun for everyone.

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KnockerBall Orange County is a professional entertainment & amusement event company in Southern California, servicing all of Orange and South LA counties and catering to private and public parties, events for schools, church groups, corporations, businesses and even fundraising events.

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