Demystifying Cash Loans, CaptainCash Distinguishes Himself from the Pack

Top Canadian cash loan broker’s 2015 performance produces unprecedented customer satisfaction rates and sets the stage for impressive growth in year to come, CaptainCash reports

Departing from what many have come to describe as unsatisfying Canadian cash-loan industry norms, lending broker CaptainCash has built up a large base of loyal clients and now anticipates even more growth to come. With the Canadian economy still slowing and the cost of living jumping sharply higher, many residents are concerned about how to live up to their financial obligations. An industry-leading customer satisfaction rate, lightning-quick turnaround time, and secure, reliable technology make CaptainCash a top choice for Canadians seeking quick, convenient infusions of capital to pay their bills and get back on top of their finances.

“All across Canada, things are tough and becoming even more so,” a CaptainCash representative observed, “The fact is that there are good options for those facing financial difficulties. As one of the highest-rated cash loan brokers in Canada, we have processed over 25,000 applications and racked up an unmatched customer satisfaction score. We’re proud and happy to be able to provide so many with the help they need and look forward to growing even more in 2016.”

Although it sailed relatively smoothly through the recession of recent years that struck the neighboring United States so hard, Canada now faces real economic difficulties of its own. An economy that had come to depend on high oil prices has since been undermined substantially, with global markets for petroleum now facing further declines as Iran, formerly restricted from participating, prepares to unleash at least another million daily barrels upon them.

At the same time, Canadian consumers have been subjected to sharp increases in the prices they are expected to pay for the everyday necessities of life. Food costs alone jumped by a full 3.4% over the year-long period ending last November, according to Statistics Canada, with other basics registering substantial increases, as well.

Between the softening economy and rising prices, many Canadians have come to feel squeezed. With a unique cash-loan brokering service that deviates in a wide range of highly positive ways from what many expect from the industry, CaptainCash Cash loans have become an increasingly valued tool in the fight against the resulting financial difficulties.

With a convenient 90-day term that matches well against the challenges commonly faced by Canadians today, CaptainCash offers loans of $500 to $750 to qualifying borrowers. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have verifiable monthly direct deposit income of $1200 or more, reasonable levels of present credit utilization, and meet other modest standards.

Those who qualify can count on receiving approval within 24 hours, with CaptainCash representatives typically answering questions in seconds. Highly secure, paperless technologies protect the data and interests of all parties, with all of these features combining to produce outstanding levels of overall customer satisfaction in a recent survey.

With such strong performance and customer loyalty, CaptainCash expects to grow even more in the coming year, giving many more Canadians the tools they need to master their financial lives. In addition to moving to a new office, the company plans on doubling the number of its staff members in 2016 and otherwise working to even further elevate a customer experience that already stands far above the norm in the industry.

About CaptainCash:

With an intense focus on delivering the absolute best in customer service, CaptainCash is a cash loan broker that stands out, helping qualifying Canadian citizens get the money they need at favorable terms.

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