4 Tips to Keep Your Kids from Getting Sick This Year

During the winter we are exposed to hundred of colds and viruses. As adults, we have built up immunity to most of them, but our kids have not.  Because most of these viruses are brand new to their immune system, it is especially important that we, as parents, take steps to help keep our kids healthy.

Here are 4 things you can do to help keep your kids from getting sick this winter:

1. Limit Their Sugar Intake 

If you want to prevent your kids from getting sick this winter, try to minimize the amount of sugar in their diet.  According to Dr. Jay Gordon, sugar interferes with the body’s immune system by binding up the antibodies that it needs to fight viruses.  “A kid who’s eating a high sugar diet is going to get sick more often,” he says.

2. Make Sure They Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is important for the whole family since it helps set our metabolism, and resets our mood.  Getting 10-12 hours of sleep is especially important for kids because it helps them grow. According to pediatrician and author, Cara Natterson, if you are having trouble putting your kids to bed at night, emphasize that they will grow well when they sleep. “If your kids know that they grow when they sleep, they will put themselves to bed.  I guarantee you,” she says.

3. Teach Them to Stay Hydrated

A great way to teach your kids to stay hydrated is to have them look at their pee.  Being hydrated means drinking enough so that your pee looks like water.  Natterson tells kids, “Look at your pee.  And if it’s really yellow, go get a glass of water.” 

4. Make Sure They Get Enough Exercise

Exercise is important for bone and muscle health, for creating positive emotions, alleviating stress and preventing diseases later in life.  Most kids need about an hour of exercise each day.  Another benefit of exercise is that it has a positive effect on test scores. “We see score go up with more time spent in exercise and less time spent on subjects,” says Dr. John Ratey.

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