Happ-E-Juice Announce A New Subscription Box Service For e-cigarette Consumers

A new service has been launched by Happ-E-Juice that provides e-cigarette users with affordable e-juices that are shipped directly to their door each month. The subscription box service not only provides an affordable way to purchase e-juices, but it also offers a great gift to a loved one.

There are over 2.5 million e-cigarette vapor users in the USA, and according to reports with 45 million smokes and with the popularity of the electronic cigarette, the number of vapor users is set to increase. One problem vapor users have is the purchasing of quality affordable e-liquids. Many users have expressed how hard it can be to find the right quality e-liquids at a price they can afford, one company that has tackled this problem is Happ-E-Juice.

Happ-E-Juice (happejuicevape.com) has launched a new Subscription Box Service where e-juice consumers can receive quality refills each month. The consumer will have a choice of subscription boxes to choose from (happejuicevape.cratejoy.com/subscribe) and each month they will receive artisan e-liquids, which have been hand-curated based on the consumers requirements. There are many different flavors to choose from, providing vaping lovers with the perfect way to relax. The flavors include berries, candy, dessert, and tobacco. 

The e-juice subscription box service is limited to 100 consumers. A spokesman for Happ-E-Juice has stated limited places are left available, and interested consumers need to hurry to receive the service. A special code is available by visiting happejuicevape.com that provides 15 percent off orders and free shipping.

The new e-juice subscription box service is a perfect opportunity to give a loved one a present. By purchasing the e-juice subscription service, the loved one will receive quality products each month to help them enjoy their vaping experience.

A spokesman for Happ-E-Juice said: “We provide a perfect solution for people to receive quality e-juices direct to their door. It also provides a great way to give a loved one a present that they will enjoy.”

To learn more about the subscription e-juice service and how to have e-juices delivered direct, please visit:

About Happ-E-Juice

Happ-E-Juice provides a unique monthly subscription service where people can have e-juices delivered directly to their door. There is a whole range of flavors to choose from.

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