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For dental practices that are just starting up, this sort of marketplace can be a godsend.
Reno Iannini and Aaron Chiang of First Choice Dental Sales in Newport Beach, California have launched Dental Assets.

Dentists who want to upgrade their equipment can sell their old treasures here and buy new items at prices they control,” Iannini explained. “In this auction dental buyers can find a dental chair, a light or perhaps a compressor and they can submit bids instantaneously. They can follow the bidding on their computer in a live auction and interact with the auctioneer.”

Used dental equipment which is in good working condition but no longer needed can be placed in auction to find a happy new home. The seller can establish a minimum bid or reserve price.

For dental practices that are just starting up, this sort of marketplace can be a godsend. Many dentists fresh out of dental school may have the ambition and willpower needed to start their own practice; however, they may lack the lucrative funds needed to purchase the sophisticated and technologically up-to-date equipment that is required to be successful in today’s fast-paced competitive dental industry. Finally there is a place that dentists new and experienced can acquire the best various tools needed to execute the tasks of dental care.

Those who have an excess of equipment, are taking their practice to another level with new equipment, or perhaps are going into retirement and need to liquidate their equipment now have a hassle-free and sure fire way of selling their good working reliable tools to those who need them. In this sense, both parties are benefiting, while passing on quality goods that will continue to serve the purpose of enhancing the health and well-being of happy patients.

Buyers and sellers who attend these live dental auctions via Live Action CinemaCast receive instantaneous audio and color video directly from the auction floor, providing them with the same setting as if they were actually at the location. Dental Assets has arrangements for economical and quick shipping.

Mr. Iannini’s company, First Choice Dental Sales, is a transition brokerage and the dental practices in their inventory can be listed in the Dental Assets auctions for buyers and sellers.

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