SANTE Realty Investments introduces unique 10-30 Plan?

““Our strategy is to go to where the income is being created, in stable communities – not trendy areas where the boom-and-bust cycle can jeopardize our investors’ money,” Jim Small, CEO of Sante Realty Investments”
Proprietary system generates an average 10 percent return on commercial real estate investment and payment every 30 days

TEMPE, Arizona – January 08, 2016 – SANTE Realty Investments is kicking off the New Year with the introduction of a new system for investors to earn an average 10 percent return on investments in commercial real estate with payments made every 30 days – the SANTE 10-30 Plan?.

The proprietary system is based upon the success the SANTE management team has generated during a 15-year track record of building systems, procedures and methodologies for managing $2.5 billion in commercial real estate properties throughout the United States.

“We formalized our understanding of commercial real estate investing and history of generating highly desirable returns for our investors into a simple four-step system that we’re calling the SANTE 10-30 Plan,” said Jim Small, managing director of the Tempe, Arizona-based firm.

The system includes steps to use the company’s exclusive network of more than 300 commercial real estate brokers nationwide to identify cash-generating investment properties, an exhaustive due diligence process, a highly refined process to manage investment properties profitably and a system to maximize cash flow and returns to investors.

“We believe it’s important to pay our investors monthly to show tangible results,” Small said. “That’s why we explore up to 100 investment opportunities for every one that we bring to our investors. Our due diligence process is second to none to ensure the highest possible returns.”

The SANTE Realty Investments portfolio includes cash-generating properties in strategic locations throughout the U.S., often in medium-size communities with a stable workforce.

“Our strategy is to go to where the income is being created, in stable communities – not trendy areas where the boom-and-bust cycle can jeopardize our investors’ money,” Small added.

Another benefit of the SANTE 10-30 Plan is the opportunity for investors to generate income through the sale of their investment properties or the refinancing of the deals over time.

Small urges potential investors to consider rolling dollars in their existing 401k and IRA accounts into the SANTE 10-30 Plan because of the stability of the real estate market compared with the volatility of the stock market.

“Commercial real estate will never lose its value like stocks can and it delivers a significant upside potential for investors,” Small said. “Our management team really cares about our investors.”

The SANTE 10-30 Plan is available to qualified individuals and couples with a minimum of $100,000 to invest.

For more information about the SANTE 10-30 Plan and other commercial real estate investment opportunities with SANTE Realty Investments, visit or call (480) 398-4954.

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SANTE Realty Investments provides an easy solution for clients to enjoy the benefits of fixed income investments with minimized risk and the preservation and growth of long-term wealth by taking the complexity out of the traditionally challenging issues of real estate acquisition, property management, portfolio management and taxation issues.

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