MoveDar Brings Complete Range of Waste Disposal Solution with their Waste Bins & Wheel and Axles for Garbage Bins

Taizhou MoveDar Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd offers large-capacity waste bins, Wheelie Bin Wheels and Axles for Garbage Bins to help maintain cleanliness in places with heavy footfall on a daily basis

There are various public places, such as railway stations, bus stands, parks, etc, where heavy footfall is evident on a daily basis. Maintaining cleanliness and disposal of garbage in such places could prove a big challenge, if an efficient waste disposal mechanism is not there. To address the waste disposal needs at public places, China based MoveDar Company introduces a range of solutions, including large-capacity waste bins, wheels and axles for waste bins.

The company has garbage bins in various capacities, from 50L to 240L capacity. Large 240L Waste Bins are ideal to be installed in those places where there is a need of collecting a large amount of garbage every day. Made of Polyethylene (PE) material, these bins are durable and are easy to move and lift. Moreover, these are eco-friendly and can be available with custom colors and individual logo presence. Fitted with rubber wheels and corrosion resistant axle, these bins can easily be taken to a garbage dump and emptied.

Besides garbage bins, they also have wheels and Axles for Garbage Bins. Solid rubber wheels with spring and highly durable axles prove an important accessory for large capacity waste bins, particularly when they need to move from one place to another.  These accessories are particularly important for 100L, 120L or 240L garbage bins that need to move more frequently to empty the collected garbage. They have different range of wheels, in the range of 33mm to 200mm diameter. The fixing and changing of wheels and axles are simple and these are based on top plates with screw fittings.

MoveDar Company has Wheelie Bin Wheels that come with the rubber tyre and the plastic hub. Made from the rubber powder, these wheels are solid and long lasting. The springs and pin in the plastic hub allows the axle to be released when springs are pressed. The wheels meet the EN840-5 standards and could be safe and durable for an efficient waste disposal at various places.

With large capacity bins and wheels and axles for bins, MoveDar Company endeavors to address the garbage collection and waste disposal needs around the world.

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About Taizhou MoveDar Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Taizhou MoveDar is a professional manufacturer of waste bin wheels, axles, and 80-240 Liter plastic waste bins. As a vendor of OTTO and CONTENUR, MoveDar can offer these good- quality waste disposal items at reasonable prices.

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