Wotechsolar Provides 3.5MW of Solar Panels to Indonesia and Installs Solar Farm in Germany

Wotechsolar has announced today that the completed 3.5MW solar farm located in Bali City is now fully operational. Wotechsolar has provided 32,000 panels to support this project.

“We’re very excited to have contributed to one of the largest urban projects in the Indonesia,” says president of Wotechsolar, She. “Wotechsolar’s weather-resistant modules are perfectly suited for the Indonesia’s hot and humid climate, providing optimal daylight power generation. The completion of this project is the perfect way to transition into 2016. This project parallels Wotechsolar’s vision to promote energy independence and sustainability, while helping to create jobs. We hope to work with other municipalities in the country in order to help promote a clean energy future in the Indonesia.”

Wotechsolar solar panel

The 3.5MW solar plant was inaugurated in late December and is intended to be sold to AMC Electric Co. The newly functioning solar field is supported by Wotechsolar’s WTP260-30/W 60 cell polycrystalline module and Wotechsolar’s WTP250W-30W.

The operating solar farm is expected to generate approximately 11,379MWh of electricity, providing power to roughly 9,614 households, offsetting approximately 5,473 tons of carbon emissions per year.

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Meanwhile Wotechsolar has started construction of Dresden solar power plant in Germany. Once completed, dresden will have a total installed capacity of 350MW.

They also use WTP260-30/W 60 cell – WT250W-30/W. “With the construction of Green Power confirms its willingness to play a leading role in the solar sector,” said Francesco, CEO of Apur Gmbh solartechnik, “has around 1,650MW of solar projects in execution or contracted, which demonstrate our growing commitment towards the further development of this technology in the coming years.” Wotech solar has already cooperated with Apur Gmbh solartechnik so long time, Wotech solar also will send more goods to hamburg and Rotterdam warehouse. The goods will be cleared customs, so customers can take goods directly.

The new solar plant, which is owned by three special purpose vehicles held by Apur Gmbh solartechnik., is expected to be completed and enter into service by the end of 2017. Ituverava will be able to generate more than 550GWh per year, enough to meet the annual energy consumption needs of more than 268,000 Germany, dresden households, while avoiding the emission of over 185,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

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