Haier intelligent robot debuts at CES, attracting foreigners to visit and observe

Jan 11, 2016 – The 2016 CES opened on Jan. 6 in Las Vegas, the United States. Industry leaders from all over the world gathered at the four-day event to exhibit their innovative products and showcase the ways people will be able to enjoy cutting-edge technology like big data in the future through smart home appliances.

At the dazzling exhibition, Haier’s Ubot, an intelligent domestic robot controlled by sound, took center stage as visitors swarmed into Haier’s booth just to have a glimpse of the novel gadget.

The Ubot is the latest product of Haier’s U+ smart home appliance ecosystem. At this year’s CES, the open ecosystem network once again promoted people’s understanding of “smart life” and illustrated how close it is to reality.

The CES is the world’s largest exhibition of its kind, setting the trends of the global consumer electronics industry. Haier Group, as the world’s top home appliance brand, has participated in the event for 11 years in a row. As a trendsetter, it has led the industry across a range of sectors, from smart home appliances, to smart appliance systems and open intelligent networks.

If you are still in awe of how smart Baymax is, as seen in the Disney movie Big Hero 6, and wonder when everyday people can enjoy the company of such a lovable robot, the answer lies with Ubot, Haier’s first intelligent domestic robot, as it is no longer a mere sound-generating machine, but a real member of your family.

Able to think and feel like human beings, Ubot specializes in house management, risk control and keeping someone company. Despite the robot’s small size, it is a wonderful housekeeper, capable of operating all kinds of smart appliances at your house. It is also a good security guard, as it can alarm you when detecting potential dangers, like water leaks, gas leakage and fires in your home, and can protect your property by intimidating intruders with warning sounds and sending photographs and videos of the intruders to you and actual security guards. What’s more, Ubot can serve as a nanny. It can tell stories to children and adjust topics when sensing changes in the children’s moods through their behavior and facial expressions. It can also be a good companion for the elderly, chatting with them and phoning for help when they don’t feel well.

“It was so cool that Ubot could talk with you within five meters, and it was like talking with a family member,” said a visitor at the CES, who was also impressed by the design that helps Ubot sense the floor underfoot and prevent it from falling down the stairs at home.

Domestic robots are currently one of the most active areas of research in cutting-edge technology. According to estimates, the global domestic robot market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14 percent and above. In an article entitled “A Robot in Every Home” published in Scientific American magazine, Bill Gates predicts robots will be available in every home in much the same way as computers.

At the CES, an industrial expert said that all intelligent gadgets in our life are built upon an integrated center enabled by an app on a phone. While a phone’s motion depends on human beings, a robot, free of labor, can think like a human and provide users with services automatically like a reliable and smart butler.

The head of Haier U+ said Ubot represents a breakthrough technology which replaces a mobile phone as the access to smart home, making itself one of the best gifts for the Internet plus era. Ubot has essentially enhanced the consumer experience in smart home technology, increased connections and created a zero-distance user pattern. Ubot’s good performance relies on the support of resources provided by Haier’s U+ platform which enables Ubot to offer users a one-stop solution package for air quality, food, body care, water, safety, entertainment and health. The advantages brought by a complete ecosystem are not replaceable and reproducible.

Management guru Ram Charan, known as a contemporary Drucker, believes that if a company truly wants to embrace and benefit from the era, the best thing to do is to gain a clear understanding of the era, make decisions at the pace of the era, and outpace competitors by making quicker decisions, take quicker action and provide quicker services. As a good example of the “speed wins” philosophy, Ubot will be critical to Haier’s leverage in competing in the future market.

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