More Centralized in Global Smart Home Industry Pattern after Haier U+ and Google Joined Hands

Jan 11, 2016 – Haier U+ and Google joined up to break the puzzle of smart home industry melee

2015 just came to an end, the magnates of science industry already started the engine of 2016 by the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas on January 6th.

At the CES’s site, Haier’s exhibition was very popular with its U+ smart home product. Many users said: The Haier U+ products just satisfy my all imagination about the smart home.” In fact, the most shocking news released in this most professional and famous consumer electronics show around the world was the cooperation between Haier U+ and Google. They launched the Weave air conditioner and will work together to promote the smart home marketization process. The corporation news shocked the whole industry and many experts claimed the joint between magnates will make the smart home industry pattern more centralized.

Android control smart home only for the best user experience

It is understood that Google already foresaw that the smart home will become the future lifestyle of human society. Since the beginning of 2014, Google began to develop the smart home business from the NEST acquisition to the cooperation with Haier to promote the smart home marketization.  

Based on the cooperation content, Haier U+ connected access Google’s Weave communication protocol to accelerate its layout in Internet of Things of the smart home, broaden the Haier U+ platform’s advantage in openness and compatibility, and avoid the application switch when users operate different equipments, greatly improving the user experience.

At the exhibition site, Tom, from America, carried on the field experience. The air conditioner in Haier U+ exhibition zone reset to higher temperature automatically when Tom said “I am a little cold now” to the cell phone. “Amazing, it makes people feel the intelligent era has come.” In addition, the app of Weave can also remote control Haier air conditioner, remote switch machines, remote set wind speed, remote set mode, remote set temperature, get the indoor temperature and so on.

The insiders evaluate the co-product of first Weave air conditioner produced by Haier U+ and Google is another vital achievement of Haier in the road of transforming into an Internet enterprise and deeply reflects the influence of Haier U+ on the intelligent industry. Since Haier U+ intelligent life platform launched the U+ ecosphere of Wisdom Air in the Shanghai EXPO in March 10th, 2015, the platform carried out innovation again and again. For example, the Haier Good Air APP official accessed Apple Watch and lead the fusion between Haier intelligent air conditioner and Apple Watch, brought the intelligent enjoyment to us. So far, Haier U+ platform already carried out the cooperation with MEIZU, ALI, 360, Qualcomm, General Electric, Microsoft and many other world-known enterprises.

Three dominant genes of U+ attract Google

The industry experts said it was not an accident that Google joined hands with Haier U+ platform. The entire smart home industry develops into a critical stage of development right now. Every competitor claims its dominion in its own region segmentation of the industry chain to fight for the vantage position. The three main reasons why Google chose Haier U+ as its ally were as follows.

First is a complete industry chain. As the largest brand of the world in large household appliance industry, the full-product chain lays a solid foundation for the U+ platform to build the seven wisdom ecosphere including air, food, cleaning & caring, water, safety, entertainment and health. At the same time, the users of Haier already spread all over 100 countries after 30 years’ development; Research and Development centers, factories and channel network spread deep into all major countries and districts in the world; All become the valuable resource of Haier smart home business development.

Secondly is the open development idea of Haier U+. In the process of the decade of smart home exploration, enterprises’ “fight alone” pattern seriously restricted the industry’s development. Therefore, Haier starts the world’s first full-open, full-personalized and full-interactive wisdom life opening platform – Haier U+ platform to realize the interconnection between different categories and different brands’ smart products or service by unified wisdom protocol standard, and integrate the fragmented resource to maximum the industry development power.

Thirdly is the existing platform scale of Haier U+. So far, the U+ platform already successfully attracted Baidu, Tencent, P&G, Orade, Qualcomm and other more than 100 top partners who have multiple brands and categories, accessed more than 80 intelligent hardware categories and more than 1 million products, and has 100 million data reported by equipment every day. All of these data implies Haier U+’s platform scale and strength have no rival in the global scope.

According to the U+’s relevant director, Haier has developed the smart home industry for many years and update the products and services based on the user demand such as making industry standards, build online open platform, develop optimal APP in mobile internet ear and so on. All of these are the result of the user demand forced the system to open and integrate resource. The cooperation with Google is also a decision made after the full-acknowledge of user demand to the smart home. In the future, Haier will continue to adhere to the principle of user demand being to the priority and cooperate with more ambitions partners to accelerate the smart home marketization. 

As Kevin Kely, the founder & editor of Wired, said, when network enrolls all kind of business, a company’s main focus should change from maximizing the value of the company itself to maximizing the network’s value. Company will perish unless it survive in the internet. Haier U+ and Google cooperate in the smart home industry is the inevitable choice to expand their own network value. In the future, the smart home industry will become more centralized and Haier U+ will show its industry dominant force.

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