CertBlaster brings Solution for A+ 220-901 and 220-902 exams

There are over 1,000,000 good jobs available in the IT industry!

A study by the Computing Technology Industry Association – CompTIA*) shows that “there are over 1,000,000 open positions in the IT industry in the U.S. and nearly 6,000,000 individuals that are unemployed. Many of these individuals are ready and willing to fill these open positions, but lack the necessary skills.”

PARK CITY, UT – Jan 11, 2016 – As CertBlaster for the new CompTIA A+ exams goes on sale, it is first to market with practice tests for the IT Support Technician A+ Exams 220-901 (Hardware) and 220-902 (Software).

The CertBlaster product is a rich internet application that simulates the exam environment as experienced at the testing center. It replicates the exam experience by offering the same number of questions, the same type of questions, same degree of difficulty, and with an unstoppable timer set at the same length as the one on the actual exam.

The 2015 IT Salary Survey of more than 4,800 IT professionals (ComputerWorld, April 7, 2015), shows that the number of job openings for Help Desk/IT Support Technicians will grow by 36% over the coming year. This makes IT Support the second fastest growing job in IT and one of the fastest growing job categories in the nation.

The job openings are there but the skills gap is such that employers have a hard time filling the positions. “Seventy percent of IT leaders view a lack of skills to be the biggest issue when seeking quality candidates […]” (“IT Industry Survey: Exploring the IT Skills Gap”, survey of 1,300 IT leaders and IT professionals performed by TekSystems in North America 2015). Being certified in IT Support is of course a strong signal that the candidate has filled that gap. The CompTIA A+ certification is the leading certificati on in this field by a significant margin. In February this year it reached its 1,000,000th certified professional and so has more certified professionals than any other high level professional computer industry certification.

The just released CertBlaster for A+ addresses the latest version (exams 220-901 and 220-902) of that certification exam. It helps candidates prepare for the A+ exam by providing in excess of a 1,000 A+ practice test questions, answers and explanations. These question include performance based and in-simulator questions. The user is also provided eight full A+ exam simulations, in certification mode these are set at the same number of questions with a timer set at the exact same values as the actual exam. Additionally the user is presented with nine focus drills, where each drill corresponds to one of the nine CompTIA Main Domains (exam objectives) for these exams. This allows the users to focus on the areas where CertBlaster has identified their greatest needs for improvement. In order to enable the users to prepare according to their learning styles they are offered three user modes: Assessment, Study and Certification. Finally CertBlaster for A+ will generate a custom Personal Testing Plan (PTP) for each practice exam. The environment offers additional feedback including an overall test grade as well as a grade for each exam objective. These are obviously directly applicable to the users but can also be used to monitor progress by instructors, employers or funding agencies alike.

The new CertBlaster for A+ offers a different kind of test prep experience designed to get users in exam mode from the comfort of their home rather than the alternative that would consist of discovering all the peculiarities of the exam and its structure at the testing center. Because this is a timed test most candidates do not have the luxury of time on exam day. CertBlaster helps them take the edge of most potential surprises prior to taking the actual exam and also learn how to swiftly achieve maximum results sharpening their time management skills in order to succeed on exam day.

* State of the IT Skills Gap 2014. Published: Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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