Inspiration and Values From a Donkey’s Tale

Adventures provide inspiration for both young and old. Redemption Press announces the release of high adventure in Useless: A Donkey’s Adventurous Tale. Author Lynne K. Russell and her father Bart D. Brown, the originator of the tale, take young readers on one little donkey’s journey through danger and adventure — to bravery.

Useless was a donkey with a big heart that would rather play than work. After being left behind as useless when his family set off in covered wagons on their journey west, Useless follows them on his own adventure. While a children’s story, it is also an allegory of following dreams, setting out on adventures, determination, and the value of hard work. The reader follows Useless as he encounters dry lands and difficult trails on his journey. When he does find his family, Useless becomes instrumental in their lives in a way he could never have imagined.

Russell says, “Our God is a God of adventure. I believe we should all take off on our own adventures and never forget to share the love of adventure, with our family, and friends.” Using her storytelling skills, and building on a tale begun by her inventor and prospector father, she encourages young and old to hold fast to dreams, persevere against the odds, overcome obstacles, and share kindness with others. Delightful illustrations by Nessa Dee bring Useless’ tale to life.

Useless: A Donkey’s Adventurous Tale is available in paperback format for $12.99.

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