Floormania Offers Pet-Safe Flooring

Floormania is an Australian flooring provider with locations in Kensington, Concord, and Caringbah that offer flooring that is perfect for pet owners.

Australians have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world with over 63% of all households containing some type of pet. As pet owners know, they are hard on floors. From stained or picked carpets to scratched floors, pets can be hard on home or apartment’s flooring. Floormania has the solution with their nearly impervious-to-pet flooring options. Their website’s blog walks the readers through the four basic pet-proof options.

“We use our blog to notify customers of new products or news in our industry,” says owner John Elasi. “After taking so many calls from clients over the years asking about which floors are good if you have pets we decided to write a blog post about it. People don’t have to choose between pets and having nice floors. There are ways to have both.”

The store sells cork, bamboo, laminate, and urethane-coated harder hardwood flooring such as jarrah, cherry, oak, and mahogany—all of which are ideal for homes with pets. In general the harder the wood, the better it is for pets but cork proves an exception to this rule. Though it may surprise many to think of cork as a good flooring option for homeowners with pets, this surface is anti-microbial and is sound absorbing. This means that homeowners will not be plagued with molds, and allergens so often associated with pet homes.

“Most people think vinyl and laminate when they think of pets,” says John Elasi, “but these aren’t your only options. Hardwoods can have urethane coating and be just as effective at preventing scratches and stains. We’ve seen some lovely homes with pets and cherry flooring, so don’t remove a hardwood from your list of options.”

When queried about their personal recommendation, Floormania indicated Bamboo flooring as an all around option. Bamboo is the flooring of choice for homeowners who have both children and pets because of its strength and versatility. It’s also made from sustainable materials so it is also a good choice for families who care about the environment.

Floormania staff are always available to help people make the best choices for their homes, and recommends that people give these woods and laminates a chance before looking to vinyl or flooring they aren’t “fully in love with.”

For more information visit the blog at: http://www.floormania.com.au/four-floors-for-furry-friends/

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