Personal Tragedy Translates Into Pain Relief For Veterans

Oklahoma City – Shelly Henry turned a mother’s love into a breakthrough device that may end the pain of  millions of veterans around the world. the fda approved portable treatment is designed to help relieve pain and swelling from a number of problems like wounds, injuries, diabetes, neuropathy, chemotherapy, arthritis, and otherosclerosis.  Shelly, a single mom, was heartbroken when her daughter was involved in a serious accident, suffered shattered vertebrae and was told she might never walk again, let alone being able to have a family.

Her daughter Kara was fifteen at the time and was in incredible pain, and shelly decided to concentrate for four long years on finding a way to keep her comfortable and off pain medications. the answer came in an invention created by shelly that combines led and laser therapies with transcutaneous electrical nerves stimulation. The neurolumen device incorporates all three modalities in one convenient treatment with the use of specially designed velcro wraps and gel pads. it comes in a portable carrying case to be used at home and through medical clinics.

According to Shelly, there is an enormous need for her device to reduce the risk of amputation, improve amulatory status, increase circulation, and relieve stiffness and painfor our veterans without the use of addictive perscription pain medications. memorial hermann is using in their parc program for addiction sufferers. A 2011 report by the institute of medicine of the national academies stated that at least 116 million adult Americans have chronic pain conditions. there over 20 million people in the us that suffer from peripheral neuropathy. The neurolumen is a non-invasive, clinically-proven solution to help veterans throughout the country.


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