The Assassin Kayak Paddle Offers Unprecedented Safety, Control and Versatility

In recent years, kayaking and water sports have been revolutionized by the Assault Hand Paddle, designed and created by the Backwater Paddle Company. This hand paddle with its patented hook and teeth blade design was a giant leap forward in terms of utility, durability and functionality. Now the Backwater Paddle Company is developing the Assassin Kayak Paddle, a full length paddle based on the Assault Hand Paddle’s advanced design.

The Assassin Kayak Paddle is a triumphant combination of groundbreaking engineering and ingenious design. After years of kayaking with traditional paddles, Ed Halm – the founder and president of Backwater Paddle Company – and his team realized that kayakers require more than a conventional paddle that is only functional in open water. For most kayakers who traverse rivers and other types of waterways, a paddle that can hook floating and fixed objects is a must. They then added the teeth for kayakers who wish to navigate around obstacles.

This brilliantly designed hand paddle – the first hand paddle created – has made kayaking more enjoyable for thousands, leading the Backwater Paddle Company to create the Assassin Kayak Paddle. This full length paddle is available in standard 230 to 260 cm length and is constructed from a 30 percent fiberglass infused polypropylene plastic. This lightweight, high strength material is ideal for activities in even the most rugged and extreme conditions and should last for years to come.

Based on the immense popularity of the Assault Hand Paddle, the team has decided to offer the Assassin Kayak Paddle to backers through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. By supporting this campaign, you can not only help the launch of the Assassin Kayak Paddle but you can get your own personal version prior to the general public and at a steep discount. In addition to the Assassin Kayak Paddle, you can also obtain perks like decals, T-shirts, or Assault Hand Paddles when you back this project.

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