SITUATE – An Exciting, Nomadic Online Quarterly Announced

An in-depth & multifaceted anthology of the voices and experiences that fill out a place!

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana — January 11, 2016 — SITUATE is a content-rich, online periodical that uses place as the point around which each issue revolves. It is nomadic by nature, moving geographic focus with each quarterly issue. First issue—New Orleans! 

More expansive than a traditional literary magazine, SITUATE covers a broad range of multimedia. Because cultures often have unique traditions of storytelling, or of approaching contemporary matters, the types of content vary as a reflection. A given issue may include investigative reporting, interview/profile pieces, essays, memoir, short fiction, oral narratives (as audio or video content), photo essays, and occasional poetry. Additional material will be uploaded between issues in the form of blogs, podcasts, short films, music playlists, and reader-supplied material (anecdotes, comments, etc.). Committed to sourcing the bulk of each issue from local contributors and a minimum from staff, SITUATE aims to provide an in-depth and multifaceted anthology of the voices that fill out and enliven a physical location. 

Why this magazine? Cities, states, countries, and villages are all malleable over time, though this is often overlooked in the desire to ‘know’ a region’s identity—to fix it in place like a pinned yet exquisite butterfly. Yet like individual humans, every locale is in constant flux, guided and shaped by the interaction of myriad factors. Some are obvious and visible; others are harder to trace. How are we to gain insight into what often lies hidden? How do we begin to unveil the stories that make up the subtle framework of a city? In turn, what shape does the influence of our surroundings take in our lives? What are the ways in which we too are changed? 

SITUATE exists not only to answer these questions, but to present the undeniable humanity and relatability of a diverse range of people in their own voices. It strives to further readers’ natural curiosity, stretching their perspectives on what it is to be human. 

Before the world can enjoy this content-rich periodical, however, SITUATE needs help. With the goal of raising $22,000 by January 31, 2016, they launched this Kickstarter campaign to fund the first two issues. The majority of Kickstarter money goes directly to the talented individuals producing content for the first two issues of SITUATE—the writers, storytellers, photographers, filmmakers, and other creatives who are offering up the multi-hued tapestry that is their city. 

Keep in mind that this is an “all-or-nothing” deal—if the campaign does not reach its funding goal the project cannot move forward. Each generous contribution is instrumental in the production of this truly unique and meaningful online platform for the voices of this world. This is more than a community of readers that funders will be joining; it is a movement. One built of curiosity, compassion, and a thirst for connection.  

Help SITUATE reach its goal by sharing the Kickstarter campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks! The more people who know about this, the more support the campaign will receive.


Media Contact
Company Name: SITUATE
Contact Person: Kezia Wineberg
Phone: 504-491-2917
Country: United States