Choose Reliable Brands Staying Away from personal transportation electric skateboards Explosion Accidents

Recently, announced that it will stop selling many electric self-balance scooters except that the seller can provide the relevant proofs because many self-explode accidents happened. Choose the reliable and high quality Airwheel products, and get away from accidents.

As the Christmas is coming, many people are planning to buy gifts for their friends and families. And as electric self-balance scooter is convenient, funny and intelligent, it becomes one of the hottest gifts among people. However, Amazon announced that it will stop selling electric self-balance scooter, which makes many customers and manufacturers surprised and disappointed. The reason why Amazon did this is because many electric scooters explode accidents happened these days.

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Paul lives in England is one of the victims. He paid 300 ponds to buy two electric self-balance scooters on internet, one for his grandchild, one for his friend’s daughter. When he put the scooter in the kitchen to charge, Paul and his wife heard the sound of explosion and soon the whole kitchen was filled with fire. The electric scooter was exploded! Luckily, no one was hurt in the explosion. But the whole family had to move to another place to live. If someone were riding the electric scooter, the consequence is unthinkable. And the similar accidents happened in many countries in the world.

The reason of these accidents is that some small manufacturers are unreliable. In order to cut down the costs, they use inferior materials and do badly in quality control. Therefore, it is necessary for riders to choose the reliable big electric scooter companies to guarantee their safety.

Airwheel electric scooter

Airwheel electric scooter is one of the best choices for riders. On one hand, all the materials Airwheel use are all high-quality. For example, the battery it uses is from Sony and the tire it uses is from Cheng Shin tire. These high quality materials are the base of its high quality products. On the other hand, Airwheel puts quality control in an important place. It puts a lot of money and labor in quality control, which shows its concern to the safety of riders.

For the sake of safety, riders should choose a reliable and high quality electric scooter as their transport. Choose Airwheel to keep away from dangers.

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