Earth Approved Co. launches the ‘Earth Approved App’, starts fundraiser

The Non-profit organization, Earth Approved Co. announces the launch of its Earth Approved App, an advanced technological innovation designed to assist people to Scan Food and Products to be alerted of Cancer causing Carcinogens. The organization has also started a Kickstarter campaign to support their initiative of providing a healthier lifestyle to people through their innovative app.

The Earth Approved app is the world’s first full non-profit self-funding app that’ll help the user to scan their food items and find any harmful substances such as carcinogens, steroids, CGEN, GMO and more. The app will help the user make better food choices and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The app is currently in the mid phase of its development and the success of the Kickstarter campaign will ensure that the app is completed by March 2016. The campaign also offers a variety of perks and rewards for the backers.  

Earth Approved app uses the International UPC registry for Product uploads and the users will also be able to find products and share them on database with everyone. The app alerts the user if the product contains any harmful substances as defined by the agencies like WHO, EPA and other fact based sources.

The app also features a ‘Healthy Alternative’ option which provides the user the healthier alternatives of the product as well as locations to buy them. With the Earth Approved App users all over the world become empowered to buy ethical and healthy products.

“In no way are we attempting to tell anyone what to use, this is for nonprofit, No shareholders, for the people by the people. The main focus is to give everyone the information which is their right to know, so they can make educated decisions to protect themselves and their families,” said Peter Minsal, Founder / Director of Earth Approved Co.

The profile sharing feature of the app allows the user to share and follow like other social media platforms, where they can create their own healthy lifestyle profile to be seen and shared by others for spreading a healthy message. The app feed will also provide news and reviews of healthy or newly discovered products for the health conscious and more ethically aware consumers.

About Earth Approved Co.

Earth Approved Co. wasFounded in 2015 and created by Peter Minsal as a non-profit organization with a mission to prevent, and research cancer, autism, birth defects, harm to the reproductive system caused by products and food. The Earth Approved app is one of the ‘Earth Approved’ initiatives towards preventing cancer and other diseases.

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