The Mold Squad Now Offers Mold Removal Services to Industrial and Commercial Buildings

Tucson’s leading mold remediation company, The Mold Squad, is proud to announce that they recently expanded their services to industrial and commercial buildings.

To cater to the growing demands for quality mold removal services, The Mold Squad has decided to expand their services to commercial and industrial buildings. Through this, they hope that more and more building owners will greatly benefit from mold remediation to further improve and enhance their businesses.

Mold can be found everywhere, from walls, to the ground and on the area. Mold spores lurk in many places, waiting for the right brew, which is none other than water. According to the experts, all kinds of mold can potentially cause health effects.

Among the alarming signs that there is infestation of mold is when the employees and workers start to complain about headaches, allergies, sinus problems as well as other known complications that are related to inhaling mold. When the mold originated from the basement, since the spores can be transported easily by air, the mold can quickly gain firmer foothold in the whole building that can affect everyone inside.

Commercial and industrial buildings that have mold infestation will likely require the help of a professional like The Mold Squad to address this issue. Getting rid of mold requires more than just the mere application of chemicals for killing it. The dead mold can continue to become a potential toxin and allergen that can cause and aggravate numerous health problems. Removing the mold is certainly not a job that can be done on your own two hands as most of the approved biocides are being regulated and need to be applied only by registered companies.

Aside from that, personal protective equipment is also essential to avoid the inhaling of mold and spores and preventing the contact with the sensitive parts of the body, including the eyes. The discarded materials such as removed drywall and wallpaper must also be disposed of carefully.

The Mold Squad, as guaranteed experts in their field, make use of the correct products for removing mold, wear the right protective equipment and dispose of the materials infested by mold properly. They also contain the places during the process of mold remediation in order to prevent the contaminated air from flowing to other parts of the building.

With the expansion of the company’s services to include commercial and industrial buildings, it is expected that building owners and their occupants will greatly benefit from staying and working within an environment that is safe from mold and the different health issues that they might cause.

About The Mold Squad:

The Mold Squad is the number one name trusted in Tucson when it comes to mold remediation. They respond to customers’ calls right away and make sure that the whole problem will be taken care of as quickly as possible. By visiting their Contact page, home, commercial and industrial building owners can get in touch with The Mold Squad to cater to their mold removal needs.

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