Start-Up Merchant Services Company Dousman EMV Processing Launch Some Of The Lowest Merchant Processing Rates

To reduce the number of credit card frauds new cards have been introduced that contain EMV Technology, which stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. The new cards contain a small computer chip that makes it harder to counterfeit and provides consumers with added protection. The EMV, American Express, and Discover cards was introduced in October, but unfortunately, tens of thousands of businesses are still not equipped with the new changes.

Dousman EMV Processing, which is a start-up Merchant services company is pleased to announce they offer some of the lowest merchant processing rates in the business along with EMV compliant terminals.

Each year over $190 billion is lost in the United States to credit card fraud. Before the new EMV compliance came into force on 1st October 2015, financial institutions absorbed the cost of certain fraudulent credit-and-debit card transactions. However, now any business that is not EMV Compliant and has not upgraded their payment terminals to accept new, more secure cards will have to foot the bill for any credit card fraud that takes place.

Although the deadline to become compliant came into force on 1st October 2015, around 60% of businesses have still not upgraded their terminals. Those businesses that are not compliant with the new rules could be putting their finances at risk, which could result in making that business unstable. Dousman EMV Processing ( aims to help those businesses become EMV compliant and Lower the Merchant Processing Rates.

A spokesman for Dousman EMV Processing said: “It is important that businesses do not put their finances at risk. If credit card fraud occurs in the place of business and they are not EMV compliant, then they will be responsible for the loss. We can help by making our clients EMV compliant and can also look at reducing transaction rates.”

To learn more about becoming EMV compliant and how to reduce credit card processing fees, please visit

About helps clients to become EMV compliant. They also provide a service that helps clients to reduce their credit card transaction fees.

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