Pure Diesel Power Revs Up Duramax Expertise with Specialist

Pure Diesel Power has been constantly revving up its inventory of diesel truck parts especially those related to the Duramax LML.
Pure Diesel Power understands the brilliance of the partnership between Isuzu and GM.

Isuzu’s has coupled its unparalleled expertise in the design and production of world-class, race performance-level diesel engines with GM’s commitment to engineering integration. Pure Diesel Power is excited to be at the forefront of specializing in the famed Duramax diesel engine and diesel performance parts for the serious diesel-powered vehicle owner.

Pure Diesel Power is a Duramax Power House

In keeping with its promise of delivering high quality Duramax diesel engine products and parts, Pure Diesel Power has hired the services of a Duramax specialist who will oversee the management and customer support of Pure Diesel Power’s Duramax diesel performance products.

Ben, who owns an LLY Duramax himself, said about his joining Pure Diesel Power, “I am just glad to share my knowledge and skills about the Duramax with the many clients of Pure Diesel Power. I truly understand how difficult it is sometimes to get the best and highest quality performance diesel partsSometimes you get absolute zero value for your money. I am really excited to be a part of this team as I truly believe that the products and services that Pure Diesel Power provides are something that cannot be found elsewhere.”

Ben’s addition to the Pure Diesel Power family is expected to drum up increased brand awareness and invoke invaluable patronage from many truck owners. The diesel sled-pulling enthusiast and dyno competitor is more than happy to share his Duramax expertise with the customers of Pure Diesel Power.  

Pure Diesel Power and the Demand for Duramax LML Products

Pure Diesel Power has been constantly revving up its inventory of diesel truck parts especially those related to the Duramax LML. The Isuzu-GM partnership has spurred the development of this truly innovative and very powerful, not to mention eco-friendly, diesel engine system for many of today’s trucks, vans, SUVs, light duty trucks, and mid-sized commercial trucks. The Duramax LML has significantly improved exhaust emissions to make it truly eco-friendly without sacrificing raw power or reliability. This greatly improves the overall diesel truck performance while at the same time ensuring a very minimal environmental footprint.

Ben said, “Keeping the LML in tip-top shape requires the installation of duly certified performance products in order to fully capitalize on the raw efficiency of the diesel engine system. The LML has been designed to reduce the negative impact of diesel exhaust on the environment without sacrificing the power output that the Duramax engine the engine system is largely known for. It is thus imperative to use only parts and products that have been inherently designed and manufactured for use on the Duramax LML.”

The management of Pure Diesel Power couldn’t agree more.

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