Kay Kumar Plans To Take World By Storm in 2016

Kay Kumar has already become a household name in 2015, with the release of his much-anticipated ‘SVDS’ video.

However, the young rapper will not stop there and has big plans for 2016. After the success of ‘SVDS’, he will keep his fans happy by working on a new video launch, set in the same beautiful location of Morocco. The new video could see the ‘journey into the wilderness’ expanded, and feature some notorious and dangerous Moroccan reptiles.

Kay Kumar also plans to release his collaborative album in 2016, which will feature Zak Le Ninja, and fuses both English and French lyrics, as well as genres such as hip hop, dance, R&B, techno/EDM, and rock. While this will be the first album to be launched in 2016, Kumar will also release his solo debut album, featuring his successful first track release ‘Suicidal Thoughts’. The latter album will also include some collaboration with artists from the US and the UK, although Kumar has not released any additional details on who we can expect to hear from.

Aside from focusing on his music, Kumar also plans to expand on his entrepreneurial side and launch his own record label in the new year. Known for taking part in producing music and directing videos, this should come as no surprise for anyone who knows about the many interests and talents of Kumar.

Finally, the Birmingham-native may also be considering a move. While he refuses to limit himself as an artist in terms of location, the rapper is considering a 2016 move to the US in order to further his music career, and expose himself to different scenes.

While 2015 was a great year for Kay Kumar and his music, he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down, and his fans can expect even more from the talented rapper, director, producer, and soon-to-be record label founder in 2016!

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