The new mobile app will help combat cyberbullying among youngsters

“Tranquille” is the new mobile application which will help the youngsters deal with the problem of cyberbullying. The app needs financing for its completion, for which the app owner Aroua Biri has started a fundraiser on the crowd funding platform Ulule. The development of the app is inspired by the European studies which suggest that more than 90% of the youngsters use mobile phone and they’re not familiar with the exact definition of the cyber bullying.

The app, once installed on the children’s phones will detect aggressive or humiliating messages after which it’ll provide the advice in a video format and also alert the mentor in case the cyberbullying is proved. According to another study, about 40% of students face cyber bullying through messages and social networks, considering which the app has been designed.

Children mainly from ages of 9 to 13, who undergo cyberbullying, are not able to indentify or characterize it. Moreover, it often goes unnoticed by the parents or teachers if the victim is not able to communicate properly. In situations of repeated violent messages, rumors, sexually explicit messages or humiliation, the victim may find themselves alone and helpless. This may also result in serious psychological problems such as insecurity, fear, shame, loss of self esteem, absenteeism in school and in fact stress or depression.

Parents may not always be able to identify if their child is going through cyber bullying and that is when this mobile application comes into light. The “Tranquille” app will automatically alert the user and their guardian in case of any potential cyberbullying.

The funds raised from the campaign will be utilized in the development of the mobile application, hiring expert psychologists who specialize in minors’ cyber bullying to support in developing the features of the app. The funding will also support the assistance provided by the semantic analysis expert and a freelancer to design the application.

The owner of the campaign is Aroua Biri with the help of Regis Nicolas have also offered various rewards for the backers.

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