Wowapp, The New App That Allows People To Connect And Earn

Connecting with the loved ones is one thing which everyone wants to do, and if connections come with some earning, it isn’t bad at all. Based on a similar concept is the newly launched social app, called “WowApp”. This new socializing app is available for free and is told to be able to run smoothly even on very low internet connections. The app is getting rave reviews and feedbacks from its users so far.

About the WowApp, the creators said that the app was created with a basic idea of providing a new and easy-to-use method for people to connect with their loved ones while at the same time providing them a way to earn out of it. The creators explained about the unique feature of the app that allows the users to earn while they connect and chat with their loved ones and said that “WowApp” rewards its users up to 8 levels for whatever the users and others connected with the user do. While the reward comes in the form of “wow coins”, the users have always got the option of cashing them out for themselves whenever they want. The cashed out money can be withdrawn directly to the bank account, through PayPal or via credit cards.

Adding up another option for the users to donate to charities and help people, the WowApp also enables the user to cash out their “Wow Coins” for donating them to any of the 2000 charities in 110 countries listed by the app. “We share over 70% of our own revenue with the community. This is our way of doing something good through the power of sharing”, said the company representatives.

Discussing the other features of the app which make it different from other similar apps, the company representatives said that the app provides the lowest calling rates that enable the user to call worldwide at a very low charge. More than that, the video or audio calling from WowApp to WowApp is absolutely free. Adding one more unique feature to this new app, the creators have enriched the app with a “Private Mode” that deletes each message as soon as the chat ends and allows users to maintain their privacy.

The app is already getting rave reviews and warm feedbacks from its current users worldwide. While the number of downloads for the WowApp is increasing rapidly, the makers are continuously working on adding more features to it and make it better with each passing day.

More information can be found on and the app can be downloaded at Google Play Store.

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